10 Chores Your Kids Can and Should be Doing

chore listsPart of parenting is giving our children the tools they need to get along in life. Giving them a list of weekly chores not only helps them learn the skills they need to be productive people, it can also help with the weekly workloads of us grown ups!

Here are 10 chores your kids can and should be doing.

1)  Children should be responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of their own rooms. A routine chore before bedtime should be to pick up and put away all toys and place dirty clothing in the hamper. If this is done on a daily basis the room should never get out of control.

2) Helping with dinner is something that should be automatic.  It is great training for a child to learn their way around the kitchen and have a comfort level with the preparation of food.  Children can be assigned easy tasks, such as setting the table or helping to gather the ingredients necessary for the meal.  Lining a pan with tinfoil, shredding cheese, or assembling a salad with some supervision are all easy things that will make dinner go a lot faster. When a child assists with food preparation they are also more likely to be invested in the meal and eat what they have prepared.

Taking care of the pets can be a job that breaks down into several chores:

3) Feeding the pets. This is a really easy one because kids love their pets and especially like to see the pets enjoying their meal. If any mess is generated during the feeding process it should be cleaned up.

4) Kids can be an active part of seeing that their dog or cat gets plenty of play time and exercise. If the parents have a comfort level and it is safe, the children can also be responsible for walking the dog.

5) Older children can assist in cleaning up after their pet. If the birdcage needs cleaning, the kitty litter needs changing, or waste needs to be picked up and disposed of in the yard, these are perfect chores for a kid.

6) Children can assist in bringing in the groceries and helping to put them away. Make it a routine to automatically put everything away after a shopping trip.

7) Trash day should be easy if everybody does their part.  Kids must learn to throw trash in the trashcan and properly separate recyclables into the recycling bins. After dinner all garbage should be taken out to the trash cans.

8) Kids should assist in after dinner cleanup. It makes the parent’s job so much easier if there is assistance in putting away the leftover food and clearing table.If everybody helps with after dinner chores there is more time for a parent to do fun activities with the kids before bedtime, such as games or reading a story.

9) Everybody should be responsible for getting their own dirty clothing into the hamper and putting away the clean clothes once the laundry is done. This is a no-brainer and if they take care of their own, there will never be a problem with knowing where to find a particular item they wish to wear.

10) Helping with the yard work is a fairly easy task that almost any age group can contribute to.  Children can water the plants, rake leaves and throw the debris into the trashcan. If there is time and the land for it, children can even tend little vegetable gardens. Kids love to plant something and watch it grow. It is even more exciting if they are able to witness the whole process of planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and eating.

AUTHOR BIO:  Harriet Norris works in the janitorial supplies industry and enjoys writing about health issues in her spare time.

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