10 Fantastic Book Series for Kids Under 10

Get your kids away from the television and into a good book with these ten fantastic series. Not only are they a great read for young children, but they’re also fantastic for adults.

1. The Ramona Collection: Before your kids watch the movie Ramona and Beezus, let them read up on where the story started with the Ramona series written by author Beverly Cleary. Allow them to grow up with Ramona, Beezus, and the lovable Quimby family as they go through the blessings and challenges of life. These funny, entertaining and compassionate tales are about family, sisterhood, friendship, school, and the everyday life of a child. Parents and children alike can enjoy and bond over this well-written series.

2. Magic Tree House Series: Have your kids grab their passports and join Jack and Annie on adventures all over the world and across time. The two protagonists in these novels discover a magical tree house that takes them through history to gather clues, solve puzzles, and uncover never-before-told stories, all in the quest to free Morgan le Fay from a spell. With this series, children can dive into their imagination and catch up on a bit of history as well.

3. Boxcar Mysteries: Orphans Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny escape an orphanage to live in an abandoned boxcar in order to free themselves from a long lost grandfather who is looking to adopt them. Your kids can practice their sleuthing skills with these children as they encounter mysteries everywhere they go. They will not only fall in love with these characters but will be fond of going on their exciting adventures, capturing bad guys, unfolding secrets, and bringing justice to the good ones.

4. American Girls Collection: The preteen girls in this series bring new life to American history. Readers can pick from 10 historical characters, all living in different time periods. The series goes all the way back to the late eighteenth century with a Native American girl named Kaya and expands to tell contemporary tales with characters, such as Julie Albright, living in late twentieth century America. So embark on a history lesson that will leave your kids with more than just dates. Reading this series will leave your children with an understanding of what kinds of lives children like you lived years ago.

5. Amelia Bedelia: The quirky but endearing literal-minded housekeeper Amelia Bedelia will have you laughing at each page turn. Amelia lands housekeeping jobs despite the literal view she takes with each task. She turns chores into comedic shenanigans and proves that even with her faults, she has a big heart. Children, especially those just learning how to read, will love this humorous series.

6. Dragon Slayers’ Academy: Peasant boy Wiglaf did not have the best of luck but a fortunate teller gives him hope for a future as a hero. To meet this fate, he enrolls in the Dragon Slayers’ Academy, where he befriends Erica von Royale and Angus du Pangus, his companions on these becoming-of-age adventures. Read about Wiglaf’s world and you will see how he slays dragons without even having to shed their blood.

7. Araminta Spookie: Growing up in a haunted house has made Araminta a ghost hunter, a wizard lover, and a whole lot of supernatural things. While her life is far from normal, she enjoys the bats, the brooms, and the boiling adventures that happen in Spookie House. So turn on your kids’ night lights and get ready to get “spookied” out.

8. Geronimo Stilton Adventures: After Mickey, Geronimo Stilton is the second most famous mouse that has hit the world. Geronimo is a newspaper editor who loves his peaceful home life, but his sister Thea, cousin Trapp, and little nephew Benjamin drag him on adventures all over the world. These autobiographical sketches of Geronimo’s life include cheesy jokes, colorful illustrations, and entertaining characters that will have you reading more. So enter the not-so-cheesy life of Geronimo Stilton.

9. Madeline: Being the smallest of the girls of a London set school does not stop this young redhead from showing her teachers and peers what bravery and enthusiasm she has inside. In these stories, Madeline gets her appendix taken out, learns her manners, celebrates holidays, goes to different countries, and does some other fun things. Once your kids start reading this series, they will see how incredibly spunky and sweet this girl really is.

10. Mostly Ghostly: Do your kids enjoy spooky bedtime stories? Well, Max Doyle and the two ghosts living in his bedroom are inviting them to read about the scary adventures that they are embarking upon in these goose-bump-filled tales written by famed spooker R.L. Stine. This might be a good series to read with your kids though in case things get too scary!

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  1. Terri K (@tkharmonic) says:

    Great list! We’ve got some of those books, and I’m glad to have others to look for. My son started reading my old Trixie Belden books, so now that’s three generations of us to read them.

  2. Bonnie D. says:

    Amelia Bedelia!!! I remember that series. So fun!