10 Grocery Items You Should Be Buying in Bulk

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20 Ways to Save on Groceries

With all the wholesale, club membership shopping most people are doing nowadays, buying the wrong item can mean looking at a case of barbeque sauce or fancy crackers for years. Knowing what to buy in bulk will save you money and not turn your purchase into a storage annoyance. Below are ten foods you should be buying in bulk.

1. Paper Towels

The deals on paper towels can be up to thirty-percent less in a wholesale club. Purchase paper towels by the case. If you have the storage and especially if you have a coupon, stock up in the basement or garage (as long as water or mildew will not be an issue).

2. Toilet Paper

You can never have enough of toilet paper. Just like paper towels buying these in bulk will go a long way in savings.

3. Honey

If you use it, buy a case or two. Honey is one of the rare foods that never goes rancid.

4. Cereal

This dry item is easily storable and if unopened will stay fresh for a long while. It is especially a good idea to buy cereal, including oatmeal, in bulk if you have children as they are often the biggest consumers. Storing cereal in glass containers with strong airtight lids can eliminate corroding cardboard boxes or accidental water damage.

5. Alcohol

Not all clubs sell alcohol but if you can find one that does buy it in bulk. It can get you through many parties at a fraction of what it would cost to run out every time guests stop by or you want to have a glass yourself.

6. Pasta

Just like cereal, pasta is an excellent staple to purchase in bulk. It is one of the easiest meals to prepare and when it is on hand can save the day when the refrigerator or cupboard are empty. Storage in glass containers can also elongate the life of the pasta package.

7. Canned Vegetables, Fruits and Sauces

Canning has been used for centuries to store food. Buy canned vegetables, fruits or sauces in bulk as these will get you through long winters, bad weather and last minute recipes without having to go shopping.

8. Meat

Many warehouse clubs score high on the integrity and cleanliness of their meat. To buy meat in bulk is a substantial cost effective move however you must have freezer room for storage.

9. Dried Beans

Soaking dried beans for about a day and using them for a dinner entrée or side dish is easy and healthy. Be sure to buy a variety and store in airtight containers.

10. Rice

Another easy item to store and prepare is rice. Warehouse clubs sell them in large back breaking bags but the return can be a life saver. Rice is enjoyed by almost everybody and along with beans it makes for a highly nutritious, protein heavy meal.

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