10 Homemade Healthy and Hearty Snacks

Snacking when done the right way, can be very beneficial for your health. A common misconception that snacking is a poor habit. The truth is snacking has many health benefits and can act as a metabolism booster. With the right snack, you can have guilt free foods that help your health and help those pesky hunger urges. Here are 10 homemade healthy snacks you can make, that help us know what we are actually putting into our body.

1. Water Mellon Salsa. This is a truly unique and tasty snack that is easy to make, and tastes great! Finely diced watermelon, minced jalapenos, chopped cilantro, lime juice, red onion, and a quarter teaspoon of sea salt is all you need. Enjoy with baked tortilla chips, and serve at room temperature, or chilled.

2. Classic Ranch Dip and Crunchy Vegetables. This is your most basic, but often overlooked homemade healthy snack. One important thing to remember when snacking is that most of the time we are looking for the crunch or crisp in our snack. Vegetables with light ranch, and maybe a splash of dill do the trick perfectly. They are great for keeping a slim figure, and a thick wallet.

3. Cold Frothy Smoothies. Smoothies are great because the fruit combinations are endless. With a little bit of preemptive thinking we can make a great tasting smoothie in almost seconds. One thing you might want to consider is freezing the fruits you want in your smoothie, and when the time is right, take them out for a super-quick smoothie.

4. Trail Mix. Trail mix is another great snack that you can always put your own touch on. Healthy nuts high in protein like almonds and cashews are a great mix with a little chocolate. My advice is to buy your favorite trail mix parts individually and then mix them in accordingly.

5. Ants on a Log. This snack has it all, the crunch, sweetness, and of course the health. Kids love this treat when described as ants on a log. All you need is celery sticks, filled with peanut butter, and then place raisins on top. Then, you have ants on a log. Simple, and tasty.

6. Yummy Peach Popsicles. For this snack you are going to need some popsicle molds. Once you have your molds, blend together some pitted peaches, splashes of lemon and oranges juice, a touch of sugar, and finally a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then all you have to do is freeze, and enjoy. Great for summer days!

7. Homemade Energy Bars. You can be creative here, or even find a specific recipe. What you want to do is mix some brown rice syrup with almond butter, and then add your favorite oats, nuts, and chocolate toppings. Spread the mixture into a glass oven pan, and then simply just let it set while chilling in the fridge.

8. Crackers and Nut Butter. Crackers are great for snacking. Try to find the ones that are not just baked in butter, and suffocated in salt. Whole grain, or organic crackers are perfect. Then top with peanut butter, almond butter, or even Nutella. They are small, crunchy, versatile, and portable. A great snack for kids, and for traveling.

9. Fruit Kabobs. Fruit kabobs are a fun way to snack. The best part is the health and the taste. Choose whatever fruit you want and pierce a wooden rod through the fruit for the best enjoyment. The same can be done with vegetable kabobs.

10.  Chili-Cheese Popcorn. This is a light snack, with a little zing to it. Pop your own kernels, either on a pan with light oil, or through an air popping machine. Afterwards sprinkle light butter, chili powder, ground cumin, salt and parmesan cheese. Do not go overboard on the toppings and this light snack will be the perfect treat for movie night.

Snacking the right way is a great way to control hunger an boost your metabolism. You will feel healthier, and be less stressed out about hunger issues. Snacking improves your mood, health, and can even control oily skin that may lead to acne. Make it fun, and experiment with new recipes. You will enjoy and appreciate your food much more if you put your own heart into it.

This article was written by Nicole Brinski. Nicole is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She loves to cook, exercise, and perform healthy daily routines. Currently she works with acne center to help you find the latest skincare options for treating acne.
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