10 Top Tunes To Listen To While You’re Doing The Household Chores

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Housework; you either love it or you hate it, however either way it’s something that has to be done! Why not cheer yourself up and make doing your routine household chores more fun by listening to some top tunes which are guaranteed to have you feeling cheerful and lively? If housework is not something you enjoy doing, you could make it so much better. You may even end up singing your way through the dusting and hoovering and actually enjoy every minute! It’s true that some people love doing housework and find it very therapeutic. Others turn it into a bit of an exercise class which is great. Whatever your approach it could all be vastly improved and made much more enjoyable with some great tracks playing in the background, keeping you moving and motivated.

New tracks are being released all the time; however, there are a few classics that have made their mark through the years. Guaranteed to get people in the mood, these tunes are winners whether doing the housework or out celebrating! Tracks such as The Foundations and ‘Build me up Buttercup’ will immediately put a smile on your face and have your feet tapping, ready to start the chores! No housework top ten would be complete either without featuring the timeless Tina Turner and her classic track ‘Simply the Best’. It doesn’t matter where you are, this is one of those tunes that always fills the dance floor and similarly, you will be singing away while you’re doing the dusting or polishing!

More up to date tracks have to feature Paloma Faith’s ‘Upside Down‘ and Lady GaGa with of course, ‘Poker Face‘, which are both fantastic tracks to dance and sing along to and which are sure to keep you happy and upbeat while hoovering or washing up! Joining the top ten housework tunes are fun numbers such as The Weather Girls and ‘It’s Raining Men‘ together with the classic foot tapping tunes of Kenny Loggins and ‘Footloose‘ – hoovering will never be the same again!

Back up to date and Paulo Nutini’s ’10/10′ has to be featured, this is really cheery music and almost has a holiday feel which will keep you going if you’re starting to Flag. For something a little bit different music wise, the Scissor Sisters and ‘Fire with Fire’ will really make sure you are back on top form. The ten top tunes to listen to while you’re doing the household chores would not be complete without a number from the king himself. Elvis Presley and ‘All Shook Up,’ just like your duster, is guaranteed to get the chores done! An equally upbeat track to finish things off before you sit down for your well-earned cuppa is Lulu and ‘Shout.’ What a great tune that has stood the test of time, appealing to every age group.

Time will fly by and not only will you have your house looking and smelling fantastically clean but you will also be in a great mood listening to these excellent pieces of music – enjoy your housework!

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