3 Fun Toys To Help Home Schooling Parents Teach Their Children

educations toysLet’s face it, home schooling children isn’t easy. Working, taking care of the house and or trying to have a social life doesn’t make it any easier either. The last thing you want is your children to complain about the curriculum you have designated for them. What if you could make your curriculum more fun or even family oriented? We want to help avoid bad educational experiences by sharing 3 fun toys/ games that are both educational and fun to play!

Butterfly Pavilion – http://www.mindware.com/p/BUTTERFLY-PAVILION/93137

Butterfly Pavilion offers your children a first hand experience with the miracle of metamorphosis. Watching caterpillars prepare themselves into a cocoon and transforming into a beautiful butterfly will simply astonish your children. The best part about the Butterfly Pavilion is that your children will have a hands on experience with the entire transformation. Set up the pavilion, feed and take care of the caterpillars, and finally release the butterflies into the wild. What better science project could you get?

Qwirkle – http://www.mindware.com/p/Qwirkle/32016

This MENSA award winning games helps young children develop their minds while playing this fun game. One would think this product only requires matching shapes and colors but it also required strategy as well. This points game won’t disappoint your children yet still requires them to use their brain. Qwirkle is a great family game that is a fun alternative to watching the TV with the family.

Multiplation Mosaics – http://www.mindware.com/p/Multiplication-Mosaics/17157

Math is a subject that typically isn’t associated with fun. Multiplication Mosaics has changed this! Your children will improve their multiplication skills by solving mathematical equations. Plotting the correct answers to the grid and then coloring the corresponding numbers to colors will reveal fun pictures and patterns! What better way is there to warm your children up to further their math education?

Every parents dream is to have a child who eagerly participates in education. Standard educational materials can be dry and boring. Fortunately this is not the situation anymore! So many fun and entertaining school related materials can be utilized these ndays. Why not make school and learning fun? I guarantee your children will enjoy their studies more which will make the whole process more enjoyable for not only them but the teacher as well!

Nick is a regular contributor to the MindWare Blog. MindWare.com is a source of educational toys for kids that engages and promotes brainy thinking.
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