3 Things to Remember When Choosing Kids Clothing

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Choosing kids clothing can be quite a task, as any mom knows. Whether buying for your little boy or little girl, it’s hard to know what will send them into fits of joy and what will send these little bundles into fits of tears. Follow a few tips below that can ensure your kids clothing purchases will be loved by both your children and by you!

1. Carefully choose fabric and look for tags
Kids like to be comfortable in their clothes, just like adults. Though an outfit may be cute as a button, the tag may scratch the back of your child’s neck, which a sure route to the eventual discarding of the clothing item. Look for fabrics like 100% cotton, or a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend. Though lace may look adorable on your little girl, remember that children want something in which they can feel comfortable.

2. Know What Other Kids are Wearing
Even at a young age, children want to fit in. Know what other kids at school are wearing; what brands do they like? Are stripes or spots in this season? The ‘cool’ thing to wear could be as simple as a baseball cap, but many adults are baffled by children’s style. Children have their own style and adults must understand that their children will typically strive to be like the other kids at school. Do not refuse to give them the purple sweatshirt they want, even if you think it’s hideous. They’ll appreciate your taste in style in their later years, but right now it’s time to let them wear what they want.

3. Don’t Break the Bank on Kids Clothing
Many parents make the mistake of purchasing pricey clothes for their youngsters. These clothes, though beautiful and often well-made, are either destroyed by the child or are outgrown. Buying expensive kids clothing isn’t helping anyone; it’s most likely making your child uncomfortable and it’s not so great for your wallet.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when shopping for kids clothing is not to take your child with you! Kids often get antsy during the shopping process, which can be frustrating for any parent. Unless you live far away from any shopping establishment, it is often wise to purchase the clothes in different sizes for your child to try on at home. Simply return the clothing that doesn’t fit or that they don’t like. Remember that your child is the one who will be wearing the kids clothing- consult them! They’re the experts.

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  1. Carshena says:

    I agree! That’s why I never spend over $2.60 for a piece of clothing for my kids, unless it’s a special occasion. Check out my blog at thecouponmommy.blogspot.com