4 Christmas Shopping Tips – Save Time and Money

Do you always seem to fall behind on your holiday shopping list? Do you hate fighting the crowds on Black Friday to find the only good deals of the season?  I raised my hand for both those questions, but over the years I’ve picked up some Christmas shopping strategies to keep me on track! Here are 4 tips to save you both time and money.

1.) Check online sales

If you don’t have time to go shopping multiple times and don’t want to fight Christmas shopping crowds, select a few of your favorite retailers’ e-commerce sites as well as at least one website like Amazon that sells a variety of categories and brands and monitor what sales they host each week.  These sites often have sales leading up to Black Friday as well as holiday sales throughout December.  Often retailers host the same sales online as in store, so pay attention to sale signs on the road, as well as in the Sunday paper.

2.) Keep an open mind 

Unless your loved ones have very specific gifts they’ve requested, try not to make a rigid list of everything you want to buy.  Looking at stores like TJ Maxx and Ross Stores can uncover some great deals, but it may be difficult to find a given set of items due to their unpredictable inventory.

3.) Buy in smaller increments

While you may not be able to spread all of your gift purchases out, you can always pick up some fun ideas for smaller items and stocking stuffers as you see them on sale.  I tend to hold out for a brilliant idea to strike for gifts and then end up getting something mediocre at the last minute.  This tip will help you make sure that even if the main gift is just okay, your elaboration of smaller items will show that you’ve still put some thought into the gift.

4.) Duplicate gifts

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For smaller gift ideas, consider giving things that you can buy in bulk and split up among multiple people.  For example, I’ll be getting tiny wristlets for each of my roommates stuffed with candy and lip gloss.  This will allow me to add more things within each of the bags at a low price because I can split up the stuffers among each roommate.

Add your own spin on these tricks to help take unnecessary time and money out of your holiday shopping.  Then you can spend you leftover time with your family and friends during this special season!

Author bio: Ashley is a senior at Indiana University.  She writes about how to style winter scarves at Scarves Dot Net. She also gets to show her love for Christmas as a holiday sales lead at Express.
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