4 Fun Ways to Add Zip to Your Christmas Party

Add Zip to Your Christmas PartyThe holidays are upon us and that means it’s time for some ho-ho-holiday fun. There are some great ways to add zip to your Christmas party and turn it into an affair to remember. We’ve all been to the stereotypical Christmas party, but this year yours will go down in history (just like Rudolph did!).

It’s all about organization, adding special touches, and making the party truly your own. So many of us turn to the same tired decorations and just go for a simple Christmas theme to power us through. Why not add a bit of zip?

Add some fun little elements that can really make your Christmas party sing. When it comes to thinking up ideas for parties you want to get creative and really throw in a bit of personal flair to make it special.

This is not your grandfather’s Christmas party—this is the type that will get the guests talking, the eggnog flowing, and have everyone kissing under the mistletoe with giant smiles on their faces!

1. Have a craft that guests can create and take for a lasting memory: If you’re having a kids Christmas party this scores high on the memory meter. Even if you’re having an adult party, incorporating some type of fun craft is an excellent way to go. Consider getting ornaments in your favorite colors that guests can decorate.

You can put a special sticker on a pic you take and print out during the party that says “Jones Christmas Party 2011” and then let them decorate in glitter glue and anything else that tickles their fancy.

Alternatively you can take a picture of each guest as they arrive and then give them their own adorable frame to decorate and personalize. This takes your party from ho hum to amazing with one little gesture. Everyone likes fun little items that they can hold onto and bring out at Christmas every year. Having this craft set up at your party makes for a jolly good time.

2. Deck the house with special touches that are personalized in nature: Are you somebody who likes to take pictures? You can prepare for this big party all year long by taking pictures of you with your guests and then using these for decorations.

Put up personalized photos all over the house and really wow them with this great touch. Showcase past Christmas crafts that you may have made like ornaments or little snowmen if that’s your thing.

If there is something that people tend to identify you by, whether it’s cute martini glasses or homemade blankets, use that talent or trait to decorate your venue.

Make this a personalized affair and have Christmas be the backdrop. You can drape tables in red and green and of course put out the Christmas decorations. However when you put out personal touches of who you are, it makes for a really fun way of decking the halls.

3. Create an amazing signature dish or cocktail that you can carry out year after year: Who would turn away an amazing green apple martini complete with sugar rimmed glass? Have you ever made a holiday punch with cranberry juice, vodka, and lime sherbet that had people drinking glass after glass? How about a wonderful pan of gingerbread from an old family recipe?

Consider using your culinary skills to develop a signature treat or cocktail that all the guests can look forward to. This becomes your tradition year after year that people look forward to.

You can do the same for some amazing appetizer that is truly your own. How about some basil pesto rounds that are the appetizer that everyone craves? Do you happen to have a special way with a snowman shaped cheese ball that leaves people oohing and aahing? Everyone has some special dish that they like making and if you get in touch with yours, they will gobble it up.

4. Sing fa-la-la-la-la until the sun comes up: Even Scrooge had a soft spot for Christmas carols in the end — there’s just something special about a beautiful Christmas carol. Why not turn your party into a regular old sing along? This is such a fun way to make spirits bright and allow people to belt out their favorite songs of Christmas past.

You can set up a piano or just your iPod and play nothing but Christmas music. Encourage guests to cozy up around the fireplace and sing along. You can even print out little booklets with the lyrics for a fun touch. This is after all the backdrop of the season so embrace it and make it a focal point of your Christmas gathering.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Embrace the reason for the season but then add in personal touches to make your party one to remember. A personalized affair is one to remember so get in touch with your inner Christmas spirit and use that to light it up this season.

Chris Molnar is a father who recently found that personalization is the key to any good party. He recently planned a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday and turned it into a fun dance party, complete with 80’s music and karaoke that the kids all loved.

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  1. Grace Pamer says:

    I am actually on the brink of running out of ideas for our Christmas party so I was really saved by this article. *sigh of relief* Since I am always the one in charge of all the preparations (of course, who else will be, with my husband busy working and with my kids around), I am all hyped up with these new ideas.