5 Apps that Will Increase Your Productivity

Businesses and individuals are constantly on the look out for new ways to improve productivity. People come up with all sorts of bright ideas to save the odd minute here or there but have you ever considered turning to mobile apps for the solution? That might not be as ridiculous as it sounds, with many developers bringing new apps out to tackle productivity issues.

Here is a list of our top 5.

1 – eMeetMe : We all know the situation, where you’ve been left in charge to arrange a meeting, but you don’t know how to decide on a time that is likely to be suitable for everyone. What’s the point in making arrangements if everyone has prior engagements? eMeetMe is a brand new way of making just such arrangements. The iPhone calendar app lets you choose several time slots that are suitable for you and these suggestions are sent out to a number of recipients. They can then choose the most suitable times and the responses will be sent back to you via email. Simple!

2 – Skype : If you have clients located in various cities, countries or continents, it can be difficult to communicate effectively. Until Skype came along that is. As long as you have a webcam and an internet connection, Skype allows you to take part in video calls with anyone, anywhere in the world. What’s more, the service is free to use.

3 – Evernote : If, like many people, you are the forgetful type, Evernote is certainly an app that you should never be without. If you have ideas that you know will come in handy at a later date, simply store them in the easy to use app and retrieve them at a later date. Whether it’s words, pictures or videos, Evernote lets you store them and synchronise with your computer as soon as it’s connected. A great idea we say!

4 – Jott : For those people who are constantly on the move but relies on Tweeting, Facebook posting and blogging as a form of communication, finding the time to sit down and type your text can be difficult. Jott records voice notes, translates them into text and posts them to selected social media accounts or your blog. The perfect solution, I think you’ll find.

5 – Tripit : If you make a habit of traveling abroad, be it for business or pleasure, we all know how stressful it can be finding all the information you need to board a flight or to make that connecting train. Tripit allows you to store all of your travel information in one place. The app will monitor any delays that might occur and will even let you know the weather forecast for your destination. This app really helps to take eliminate some of the stress of traveling as well as saving you time searching for all the relevant information.

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  1. NeedCoffeePlease says:

    Cozi – don’t forget about Cozi!! The all in one calendar/to do list that you share with your family (i have it on my phone (iPhone), hubs has it on his phone (droid), it is open on both of our work computers and the home computer so that even the babysitter can change and/or see what is going on any particular day! I could not live without it!!