5 Cool iPhone Apps for Apartment Hunters

When the first version of iPhone got introduced a few years back, techies made fun of it by comparing it to a brick. They all thought that it is needless for Apple to come up with such a device that doesn’t even have blue-tooth facility. Even though initial versions of iPhones were kind of a let down, the phone became a huge success because of the sea of applications that users were able to get for free.

iPhone apps today have literally redefined how mobile phones work and for what they should be used (you can even measure temperature of a surface with iPhone apps). However, finding the right app for your iPhone has always been a challenge, especially for people who are trying to search for an apartment or real estate in an area. The apps are simply too many and the iPhone users cannot afford time to search for the apps. Listed below are 5 top notch iPhone apps that should make an apartment hunters life much easier.


This cute little iPhone app locates all the apartments for rent and displays the distance from the place you currently live. All you need to do is to launch the app, get the apartments located and call the owner to fix appointments (apartment rental or price, contact address and everything else is listed in the search). However, one should note that the application is still not available for all the major cities in the US.

Zillow Real Estate Search

4 star rating from over 62000 users of the app is more than enough to prove the credibility of this wonder apartment search application. Even though users generally term it as a real estate app, it offers plenty of features for apartment searchers too. Everything from the image of the apartment, address, price to locality is listed in the app. You can favorite the apartment you like, share your search with a friend on Facebook and do a lot more with the help of this wonderful application.

My New Place

If you are planning to relocate and trying to find an apartment in your new place, MyNewPlace iPhone app is the perfect choice. With the help of the GPS, the application locates all the apartments for rent or sale in the new area where you are going to move. The information about apartments is detailed unlike other apps that only have few lines about the property. One can experience seamless navigation while working on the app.

Apartment Guide

This application allows you to search for apartments nationwide. The app accesses property info real fast with the help of its community feature and shares pictures and floor plans of the apartment. The best feature though is email or call the apartment owner directly with the help of the app. Even though the current version is not performing well, an update is to be released soon and considering the overall rating, Apartment Guide is definitely one of the best apartment search iPhone apps.

If you know of better apps for apartment hunting, feel free to run them by me below in the comment area. The app store at Apple houses many more than the five profiled above, so do share below your top picks and or favorites.

This guest article was written by Missy Diaz who works for various sites, including Abbey Lofts, a company that provides Abbey London Conversions. When Missy is not writing for the web, she loves to dine out, bike, run, walk and truly enjoys fine art.
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