Pets Like Presents Too!- 5 Gifts For The Pampered Pet

What are you buying your four-legged loved ones this holiday season?

Is it strange that my dogs have stockings hanging from the mantel? I don’t think so. My dogs don’t think so, and that’s all that really matters, right?

For years I kept it simple: doggie treats and a few doggie toys. But for some reason this year, I’m feeling a bit more creative. So here are some of the things my little darlings might be receiving this year. (Please don’t tell them!)

Inovago, a pet product company from Quebec, has just started selling Maasai Beaded Dog Collars. Each of the collars is unique and handmade by a woman in Kenya. By buying my dogs these collars, I am helping a woman on the other side of the world to support her family! This excites me. The fact that the collars are only $10-$20 also excites me!

If you are in the mood for something more practical, I’ve already ordered my dogs a Hammock Bench Seat Cover. My poor dog is always falling asleep and then falling off the backseat of the car. Once I get this installed, that won’t happen anymore! It will be more comfortable for him, and I won’t have to vacuum the backseat as often! It’s waterproof and machine washable and costs $45 at Doctors Foster and Smith.

My dogs already use organic shampoos from Lu and Coco and I will be replenishing their supply in honor of the holidays. While my dogs don’t get terrifically excited about baths, I get excited about these shampoos. Made with essential oils, these soaps make my whole house smell good. And they are all natural, so I don’t have to worry when my dogs try to lick the soap off.

I’m also thinking of getting a water fountain. That’s right – I’ve always wanted a water fountain in my kitchen. The Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain works for most house pets. The fountain contains a filter which cleans the water as it circulates through the fountain. I don’t know about your pets, but mine are water snobs. If there’s a single hair floating in the water, my dogs won’t go near it. I am hoping this fountain would meet their standards. The fountain costs $65 and can be found at Drs Foster and Smith.

If you still haven’t spent enough money on your pets, you might want to hop on over to L.L. Bean where you will find the Therapeutic Dog Couch. Featuring a memory foam base, this couch is more comfortable than any of the human furniture in my home. It will probably be a struggle to keep your children off it. It’s supposed to relieve older dogs’ hip and joint pain. The cover zips off and is machine washable and dryable, relieving much of mom’s pain. All this for $80-$189 – a bit pricey, but expect it to last you for ten years.

I hope I’ve given you plenty to think about. I’ve got to get back to my wrapping. (Yes, I wrap my dogs’ gifts, and then I “help” them unwrap them. You can too, but be careful that your pets don’t eat any of the wrapping paper or ribbons.) Happy holidays to all of the critters in your family! Oh, and to you too!

This guest post is by Robin Merrill, who writes for Wisconsin Dells Hotels.
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  1. I am buying the bed for sure, thanks for the sites!!