5 Hot Christmas Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

First of all, let me say it’s not that hard to figure out what the geek in your life wants for Christmas. They want whatever the smallest, fastest, highest quality, sleekest, coolest
thing-a-ma-jiggy that is on the market. And he probably wants it yesterday. The problem is figuring out what the latest thing-a-ma-jiggy is. Well, if you haven’t found the perfect gift to wrap and put under the tree for your geeky someone yet, here’s a list to get you started:

1) Apple iPad: Just when everyone thought the tablet computer was dead, Apple releases the iPad which takes the portability and multi-touch technology of the iPhone and puts it is a more web-friendly format where your geek can surf the web, watch movies, play games, and more. Starting at $499 Apple

2) Kinect for Xbox 360: The Wii is so two years ago. The next momentous leap in video games is the use of your entire body as a controller. The Kinect is an add-on to the Xbox 360 video game system that almost completely does away with controllers. With new movement sensing technology, you can jump kick, punch, and move in front of your TV to control the game. Starting at $149 Microsoft store.

3) Apple iPhone 4: The latest version of the iPhone has a slick new case with a better antenna than previous models, and new Retina display—the clearest, most advanced phone display on the market. In addition, it now comes with a camera on the front of the phone so you can video chat right on your phone and see the person you are talking to. Starting at $199 Apple.

4) Skullcandy headphones: Skullcandy is the most popular high-end headphone maker out there today. They have amazing sound that will give your geek the best listening experience they’ve ever had from ear buds for their iPod of MP3 player, to full, over-the-ear headphones for mixing music tracks on the computer or DJ-ing the Christmas party. Check out the Skullcandy website for styles and prices.

5) NikeiD: Why settle for just any other shoes when you can give the gift of personally customizable shoes from Nike. Through a cool interface on the Nike website, you can take just about any shoe that Nike makes and customize it to fit your own personality (or the personality of your geek) with different colors, patterns, and text. If you want to give your geek a Christmas gift that truly no one else will receive, give them the gift of designing their own shoes at Nike.com

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