Top 5 iPad Apps for Kids

Picking the top 5 iPad apps for kids is always a challenge. The goal is to strike a balance between educational and entertainment. With new apps coming out every day, it can be tempting to constantly download new choices, but the following five will keep your kids busy for more than a few days.

Educational Apps

1. abc PocketPhonics

This little app will help your child learn phonetic concepts, writing and reading. It is colorful and fun, which increases the amount of time they will want to spend playing. Targeted at early readers, this is a great way to get a reluctant reader involved.

2. Motion Math

If fractions, decimals and percents have your kids tied up in knots, you have to download this app. Fun and interactive it will make even the most math averse student a fan. Lots of positive feedback keeps kids coming back for more. Great graphics, hints, variable difficulty levels and other features make it well worth the investment.

3. Story Patch

For the creative storytelling child there is no better app. You can start out with one of the templates and build a story from there or make up something entirely new. A bit pricier than some of the other apps, this one will keep kids of all ages entertained and learning.

Entertainment Apps

The fact is that most of the apps that people download to their iPad are games. You can find games which are appropriate for every age group, demographic and interest. From digital versions of traditional board games such as Scrabble™ to games based upon the newest and hottest video sensations, they exist as apps. Here are two of the most popular.

4. Angry Birds

Available in several formats, Rio, Seasons and Original, this game involves flinging a variety of birds at some egg-napping pigs. Each level gets harder, and the obstacles more diverse. Different birds have different skills; torpedo, bomb dropping, boomerang and so forth. The fewer birds you use to demolish the pigs, the more points you score. Hidden in the content, some physics education. It’s worth splurging and getting the HD version for an iPad.

5. Cut the Rope

Simple enough that most kids can manage several levels, but complex enough to keep adults engaged, this adorable game continues that physics education started with Angry Birds. A monster bearing package arrives at your door and you have to feed the little critter candy by, well, cutting the rope. He makes the saddest face if he misses his meal. Funny and cute without being annoying.

With the improved graphics and larger screen you get on an iPad, these games should keep your kids occupied, and educated, for quite some time.

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