5 Must Haves for the Mom-to-Be!

Whether you are shopping for yourself, or for another mom-to-be, here are some things that every pregnant woman needs!

1. A prenatal yoga class. These are sometimes free through your local hospital, so they make a great “gift” to get for someone else! Prenatal yoga can be a lifesaver. It is so important to have an active and healthy pregnancy, not just for your health and the health of your baby, but for your sanity! Yoga is a stress reliever and it will help prevent and alleviate the back pain that so often comes with pregnancy. It also helps prepare a pregnant woman’s body for labor and delivery!

2. A blessingway! Traditionally, every mom-to-be is thrown a baby shower. There is certainly nothing wrong with a baby shower. A new mom can get lots of helpful gifts at a shower. However, a baby shower is really about the baby, and more and more moms are turning toward the less traditional blessingway, which is all about the mom! A blessingway is really just a party, where women who are important to the new mom gather to “bless” her, pamper her, and make her feel loved. You can hire an experienced blessingway planner, or you can do it yourself, but a blessingway makes an unforgettable gift to a new mom.

3. A reflexology appointment! Whether or not a woman buys into the health benefits of reflexology, she will buy into how good it feels to get her swollen and tired feet massaged! Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s entire body, but her feet seem to take the brunt of the abuse. Nothing takes the edge off quite like a good old-fashioned foot rub, and trained reflexologists know all the tricks!

4. Total Body Pillow. I don’t know how a pregnant woman could possibly fall asleep without a body pillow. A Total Body Pillow wraps around a woman, offering her back support, and giving her some cushion between the knees. Honestly, this is the 21st Century, so please don’t make a pregnant woman go to bed without the Total Body Pillow!

5. Food. One of the best gifts you can give to a pregnant woman is to prepare a meal for her. Especially if she is working full-time, she will likely come home exhausted and be eternally grateful if someone shows up with a casserole. (If you are the pregnant woman, ask a friend to do this for you, or treat yourself to a catered meal!) Another neat thing to do is to find out what a new mom has been craving and satisfy that craving in a creative, thoughtful, and healthy way!

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