5 Tips for Finding Great Deals on the Web

When it comes to shopping, it’s no doubt that online retailers are the place to turn for the very best deals. This is the case all year long, not just around popular sale times like Black Friday. Whether you are looking for goods or services, it’s important to think about an online search and other tactics in order to improve your odds of finding the very best deal. With just a bit of online research and preparedness, you can find yourself saving hundreds—even thousands—of dollars. Make sure you know what you are looking for and then be prepared to do the research and have the patience to wait to get the best deal on the products you want.

Here are the top 5 ways to find great deals using the web:

  1. Do research. Just as you would call around or shop at various car dealers for the best price on the make and model of car you want, it’s important to shop around on various websites. You may be under the impression that shopping directly from the manufacturers’ website may yield the best prices. You may be right; however, there are many factors that contribute to an online price—including sales tax. Websites like Amazon allow you to put your desired items on a Wish List. This allows you to log in each day and track your items. Remember, some websites offer free shipping while others do not. On large, expensive items such as kitchen appliances, these costs can really add up.
  2. Look for tools. Did you know that retailers offer special discounts to those who sign up for their email solicitations—either online or in the store? You may find it annoying when a salesman asks you for your personal email address but signing up can actually save you lots. Stores like Loft, Victoria Secret and others offer discounts to loyal online fans. Additionally, websites like Retail Menot allow individuals to look up online coupon codes to use while shopping online.
  3. Follow your favorite retailers online. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, make sure that you are following and liking your favorite retailers. Often these retailers will offer exclusive discounts to their loyal social media fans. You may find that they allow sneak peeks at their latest line of products or they may offer deep coupons and discounts for shopping with them online. Before making a large purchase, try following various competitors online to see who offers the best deals. For example, this method is how I got my internet and cable packages for almost 30% off the normal price.
  4. Keep track of real-world promotions. As retailers try to get business online, they will often try to engage people to join their Facebook fan pages and more by offering promotions in the “real world.” When you visit a store, look for posters, flyers and more that call out to joining their groups on social media. Many will use QR codes and other clever ways of getting you interested in their brand. Take advantage of these promotions as they can yield huge discounts in the future.
  5. Download applications. If you have a smartphone, try browsing for retailers using your smartphone and then download their applications. Just like social media use, retailers are trying to engage people via their mobile applications and websites. Take advantage of these special offers and use them toward your advantage. Overstock, for example, has a mobile application that allows customers to “scratch off” instant savings. At the very minimum, this application usually allows shoppers to receive free shipping—a discount not seen if you were only shopping on a desktop browser.

Online shopping goes beyond just browsing online stores. Make sure you are doing research and taking advantage of clever marketing techniques employed by retailers today. If you have any additional tips, please share!

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