5 Tips on How to Solve Common Beauty Problems


Common beauty problems range from irritating situations to depressing issues that embarrass and cause inconveniences. However, you shouldn’t allow these troubles to shatter your confidence of dent your self-esteem. Here are some of the five common beauty concerns and their solutions.

*Pimply Arms

Many people experience bumpy pimples on the back of their upper arms. They are usually annoying and unsightly. The good news is that they aren’t affiliated to acne and can thus be eliminated easily without leaving scars. Keratin build-up is one of the major causes of pimply arms.
To get rid of pimply arms, exfoliate the affected area on a daily basis, using an appropriate gentle scrub like Svelte Soft Scrub. Make sure that you moisturize your skin using a body lotion that contains glycolic acid or retinols which promote cell turnover.

*Spotty Back

The skin on the back has many oil glands. This trait, alongside perspiration from regular exercise or getting overheated in synthetic clothes, creates a favorable environment for breakouts. Spots on the back spell out a build-up of dead skin cells and since it is difficult to exfoliate your back often, the build-up leads to blemishes.
To combat this beauty problem, use brush with a long handle to eliminate the dead skin from your back. You can also try a specialist, “back facial” which will deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin from the nape of your neck down to the base of your spine. If the spots have graduated to “bacne“, consider visiting a dermatologist who will suggest effective creams or medicines that would restore your beauty.

*Facial Hair

Another of life’s cruelty is facial hairs. This trouble is governed by age, genetics as well as hormonal imbalances. Facial hair is one of the most depressing and embarrassing beauty problems especially in young ladies.
The only solution to excess hair on your face is to eliminate the hair by using permanent hair removal creams or other methods such as laser treatment. Laser treatment damages the hair follicles and permanently impedes the growth of hair on the treated area. However, before you use any permanent hair removal method, understand the procedure and take precautions.

*Thread Veins and Red cheeks

Redness on the cheeks and facial thread veins are usually caused by excessive exposure to sun and age. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity, firmness and becomes thinner thus making thread veins become more visible.
To solve the problem of thread veins, use laser kits with specific mild wavelengths that can zap the thread veins. Depending on how big the area is and the number of thread veins, you will require one to three sessions to effectively eliminate the threads. On the other hand, see a dermatologist who will help you to rule out the redness on the cheeks.

*Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when the skin stretches over time, leading to the loss of elasticity and breakdown of connective fibers. They are usually associated to weight loss, pregnancy and genetics. Keeping the skin moist using beauty products like skin care creams that enhance the growth of collagen can help in controlling and eventually eliminate this problem.
If you experience any of the afore-mentioned issues, worry no more. The stipulated solutions will help you alienate the problem and restore your beauty.

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