5 Ways to Save on Children’s Clothing

Shopping for clothes can really be so exciting for children. But, for adults it is something that means either blowing out one’s budget or busting one’s brain in thinking how to get the best value for one’s hard earned money. If you are a mother who finds buying clothes very daunting, you may want to check out the following tips on how you can save money on buying children’s clothing

Do not refuse free clothes

Hand-me-down clothes from fellow moms, friends and relatives must be accepted without hesitation. Even if you are not certain whether these clothes can be worn by your child, it will not hurt to accept these as gifts. You may also encourage your friends to swap old children’s clothes with each other. If a neighbor offers some old kiddie clothes, accept these with gratitude. If you have some friends of family members that have children, bring this idea up! Trading clothes is an awesome way to save money because when you think of it, younger children outgrow their clothes very fast!

Frequently check yard sales

If you really want to save money from buying clothes, visit yard sales often. They may not have some children’s clothes for sale but you’ll never know what they’ve got for the next yard sales. Whenever you hear about yard sales, do not miss the opportunity to visit. Most of the time, slightly used children’s clothes are for sale at a very affordable price. Of course, there is always that element of surprise when you find out that these clothes are of high quality and would fit your child like a glove. Why spend $55 on a shirt when you can get it at a yard sale for $1?


Buy at consignment stores
If you are shopping for children’s clothes on a tight budget, never miss out on the chance to check out consignment stores. Here you will find the best clothes at the best price. Not to mention the fact that everything still looks brand new. You may also find some books as well as toys for your kids at the most affordable price. Similar to a garage sale, consignment stores run year around.
Buy clothes made from durable materials
Although clothes can last depending on how you as a mother takes care of them but, it is also necessary to buy clothes that are made from durable materials. If you have plans of passing pajamas, cardigans and other classic clothes to your younger child, make sure that you buy one that lasts long enough for your next child to use. Avoid buying clothes which have snaps or buttons that break so easily. It is also a must that you avoid buying socks that will fit only one outfit. Refrain from buying too much of those trendy clothes. When these become outdated, your kids will no longer want to use them thereby creating another need to buy new clothes.
Choose clothes that are universal and basic

If you have two or more kids of different genders, it is wise to buy clothes that can be worn by both your girl or boy child. For example, when you plan to buy a piece of jacket, think about buying the one which is black or brown in color. This way, both of your kids can use it anytime they want to. The same is true with buying hoodies, socks, pajamas and gloves.

As you can see, there is a ton of ways to save on your on children’s clothing. As they grow old, so will their clothes. Try your best to save a few bucks and put that money somewhere where it belongs such as their future education!

This guest post was written by Kathy Cady. She runs the website HowMuchIsIt, a massive resource that helps you find out what things are going to cost you.

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