7 Reasons Extreme Couponing is for Suckers

This is how a typical extreme couponing situation would go down: the laundry detergent Wisk was on sale at one outlet this week and the extreme couponer bought some last night on her late evening run. She bought two Wisk detergent bottles that gives 32 loads for just $10 but by using two $1 off coupons, she end up paying just $8 for them.

Now if you take into account the green box system the outlet uses, you can save even more by purchasing $25 worth of items. When you do this the outlet offers a $10 cash bonus that you can use with your next purchase. So it makes sense to go back and buy two more bottles of Wisk and some paper towels with the help of another coupon. The extreme couponer is now eligible for that $10 for free. This all finished up with the second two bottles of Wisk being free because they were responsible for getting the $10 bonus for future purchases.

That is all as clear as a bell now, isn’t it!? And yet extreme couponing is all the rage around the world at the moment. You just can’t go wrong if you stick to this formula, but is it really possible?

Extreme couponing appears to be a great way to save your family, but what it’s really doing is sucking you into shopping, clipping frenzy that just doesn’t work out to be worth your time. If you still need convincing, here are seven reasons why extreme couponing is for suckers:

  • You buy things because they’re on sale or eligible for a coupon, not because you need them. Potato chips were on sale today. You don’t really need them but how can you resist them at that price? So you go ahead and buy. You will save money on all the chips you bought but most will go stale before you can get around to eating them. If it is your ambition to become an extreme couponer guru you will need a big storeroom to store all the things you’ve got on the cheap, just because they were available at the time. This is because to be successful, and that means saving as much as you possibly can, you will have to buy many items that you probably don’t really need – but look at the money you have saved in doing so! The secret is buying when things are hot. You might have bought toothpaste with a coupon last week and got a good deal, but this week when you buy one you get another free. Now that’s a real deal.
  • You buy when the coupon tells you. You don’t need dish washing liquid either but who can resist when you can get two free bottles for every one purchased and then only at 49 cents. Three bottles for 49 cents. Can’t beat that so add them to your collection. Think what you can get for them on eBay.
  • You clip coupons for things you’ll never buy. Store your coupons in a folder with the flyer intact and clip them out when you need them because it is easy to fall under the couponing spell and pounce on any coupon you see. However, there is no need to store coupons for diapers if you are a pensioner. The same goes for free senior citizen coffee if you are in your twenties.
  • You forget to shop around. Remember the whole idea behind extreme couponing is to get you into the shop to buy something at full price. Don’t get sucked in and walk out of the shop with a new outfit when you initially went there to get a free bottle of perfume with a pair of $20 earrings.
  • You have to know where to get the coupons. Newspapers are a good source. The trouble is you will only get one coupon with one newspaper and unless you own a news agency you will finish up with the spare bedroom full of newspapers in no time. Four newspapers cost around $10 so right from the start you are $10 behind before you even enter your first shop with your first coupon. Other sources you might find coupon productive could include; dumpsters, for thrown out coupons; make recycling day your day out in the street rifling through people’s castaways in search of discarded coupons; ask friends on Facebook; there are many sites online. After a while you will become an expert coupon tracker a skill other wannabe extreme couponers will envy as they dubiously watch you rifling through their recycling.
  • TV reality shows aren’t real. Can you believe the extreme couponing you see on TV? Of course you can, who would think for one minute that your favourite presenter would put it over on you. You’ve seen with your own eyes how these extreme couponers save all that money. What they don’t tell you is these people are professional couponers who put in at least 40 hours every week planning their every move, and that the $1,000 value they pick up for 67 cents is a once in a lifetime experience. To get anywhere that type of success you will need to fill your attic with ketchup, three times over. Also, did you take notice of what they were really buying? 87 jars of honey mustard. Really? That is what anybody would call extreme couponing.
  • Your house becomes a warehouse. Stockpiling is a part of extreme couponing but if you’re not careful it can take over your life and you can get to become the local warehouse keeper. Of course you want to save money but are you saving money when you buy things you normally wouldn’t have bought just because the coupon gave you a bargain. It’s a bit like the poker machine player who puts aside $100 to put through the machines for one afternoon’s entertainment. When the time came to go home he collected his winnings and pocketed $50. He felt pleased because he had made $50 while being entertained for the evening.


Kristy Ramirez is a debt free and frugal personal finance writer for Life Insurance Finder where she helps people to compare life insurance quotes and select the best policy to meet their needs at the best possible price.







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  1. Jennie B Moye says:

    I am so with you here… It just doesn’t seem feesible to be an extreme couponer! I myself use a coupon when I have it but only if I need it. However I do use some coupons on things I don’t need right now but it will be used up within a month or so, like ketchup! If I get coupons for diapers I give those to friends that have a baby in diapers, mine is 3 and out of them and I am not wasting my hard erned money on it! This was a great post, Thanks