7 Top Tips For A Greener Home

Kermit may not have thought its easy being green but in actual fact it is. In this day and age you’ve got no excuse for living as greener lifestyle as possible and you don’t have to be a tree hugging hippy to do it. Here’s 7 simple ways you can make your home greener and save yourself a bit of cash in the process.

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Fix those leaks

Whether it’s your bathroom taps, the shower head or the kitchen sink, if you’ve got a leak or a drip you need to fix it. In most cases a dripping tap just means the washer needs to be replaced which is a fairly easy job and one you can do yourself, if you’re unsure just watch a couple of YouTube videos and before you know it you won’t be able to hear that methodical drip every time you enter the bathroom and the water you’ll be saving will soon add up.

Wash at 40 instead of 90

Running a greener home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on hygiene so running your washing machine at 40 degrees instead of 90 degrees doesn’t mean your clothes aren’t going to be clean. Most brand name washing products these days all do the same job and produce the same results even at lower temperatures. By washing on a cooler cycle you’re not only going to be helping to save the planet but you’re also going to be saving on your energy bill too.

Take showers not baths

Everyone loves a long hot relaxing bath now and then but try not to make a habit of it. Running all that hot water is going to be cranking up your electric bill as well as using an unnecessary amount of water. Hop in the shower instead and if you keep the water temperature just a fraction lower than you usually would you’re going to shower quicker and save money on the water used and heating that water.

Be more aware in the supermarket

Next time you’re doing your grocery shopping don’t just wonder round on autopilot, actually take the time to look at what you’re picking up. Look at the packaging and see if it’s recyclable, when you’re buying fruit and vegetables don’t go for the pre packed produce, instead get the lose stuff and wash it yourself at home, not only will it be cheaper but cutting down on all that packaging can significantly reduce your carbon foot print.

Use a slow cooker

No one wants to come home at the end of a long day and have to start cooking a meal so kill two birds with one stone and invest in a slow cooker. A slow cooker left on all day is still going to use a lot less power than a standard oven left on for just one hour in the evening. Simply put your ingredients in before you leave in the morning and by the time you get home you’ve got your home cooked meal ready and waiting for you and you haven’t had to use half the electricity you usually would have.


Insulation is always going to be a great way to save energy, whether its cavity wall insulation to help you keep your heat in your house or it’s an extra jumper to keep your body warm in the winter, adding padding stops the warmth escaping. Of course padding an entire house can get expensive and although the savings can easily justify it there’s plenty you could be doing in the mean time. Pad your hot water tank with spare blankets to help keep the heat in. Hang thick curtains so in the winter they can add that extra layer of protection and stop the heat escaping.

Don’t let your tires go flat

This one is more about being green on the move rather than just at home. If you do have to drive always make sure the car tires are at their recommended pressure. Having under inflated tires means you’re going to be using more fuel and with the cost of fuel these days every little saving will add up. The more fuel you’re burning the more damage you’re doing to the atmosphere so save the planet and your bank balance and keep those tires inflated.

Jessica works for Splash Direct bathroom suites who have a massive range of shower enclosures and toilets to make sure you’re not wasting any more water than you have to in the bathroom.
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