8 Holiday Crafts for Kids

I’ve always loved making crafts since I was a kid– I would watch the clock waiting for art class and I was always super excited when we would make crafts in Sunday school. Salt dough ornaments, paper plate angels, construction paper elves– those were the days. 🙂 As I was decorating the Christmas tree this year, I realized that my mom has kept many of the holiday crafts I made when I was six and it was really heartwarming to pull those little glitterfied pieces of kid artwork and remember the memories of holidays past.

In addition to being a lover of all things crafty, I also am a huge fan of Pinterest. Pinterest makes it so easy to find inspiration and crafty ideas so I’ve compiled a list of eight holiday crafts for your kids to make and hold onto for years to come. 🙂

1. Pom Pom Bird: with a bit of yarn and some paper, this little bird can serve as an ornament or a toy!

2. Penguin Cup Ornament: an easy DIY with things you already have around your house.

3. Pine Cone Bird Feeder: give the cooped up kids something to watch with this little bird feeder. I remember when I was a kid how the cats used to stare outside the windows at the birds during the winter.

4. 2-Liter Penguin: with a bit of paint and some empty two-liters, your kids can use these penguins for toys or indoor bowling.

5. Pom Pom Snowman: another easy DIY with yarn.

6. Snowman Thermometer:a cute way to teach kids about reading the temperature.

7. Paper Light Garland: an easy craft for the younger kids.

8. Old Jar Snow Globe:this is the type of craft I would keep for years. 🙂

I hope this helps prevent cabin fever and keep your kids entertained in the next few months. And if you’re not on Pinterest, I highly, highly recommend it!

Stacie Grissom is a writer for Affordable Style where she writes about everything from reading sunglasses to loop scarves to how to wear scarves. In her free time, Stacie loves to write on her DIY craft blog, run, and play with her three-legged dog, Bridget.

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