A Big Broadway Birthday Party

Broadway is the great white way and the perfect way to celebrate a birthday party for that Diva or Divo in all of us. Broadway birthday parties are perfect for kids of all ages and even for guys. Here are 5 fun things you can do to throw the perfect Broadway birthday.

1. Create glittering signs for their performances.

Take foam core or Styrofoam and cut out each of the kids names beforehand. When they first arrive, have them take glue and give them glitter and let them cover the tops of the letters with glitter so they have a sparkling name tag. Now attach the letters with glue to a piece of foam board and place a piece of Velcro on the back. Have a sign pre made that says “Now Starring” on the top in bright red, silver or whatever color glitter and three spaces with Velcro below. As the kids are performing, you can hang up to three of their names on the “marquee” and have them standing with a glittering sign featuring their names.

2. The big Broadway belting contest.

Singing is something anyone can do. It doesn’t make a Broadway birthday though. To make your party different then a rock star party, have the kids select their favorite Diva song with high notes, loud notes and let them each compete in a belting contest. Broadway stars are known for bringing down the house by hitting amazing and loud notes that make you feel them when they hit them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Disney show or a Classic, each one has one. As the kids sing, have a panel of judges that will rate each one on loudness, how good they sounded and overall performance. The kids will love belting out their favorite show tune and you’ll love that they’ll be a bit worn out.

3. Broadway star cookies.

After you’re done with your belting contest, the kids will need to recharge. A great way to do this is to buy shimmering icing at the grocery store and the night before or morning of, make sugar cookies and cut them into stars. Give each kid three of the stars and let them decorate them. They can do their names, solid colors or a design. After they finish decorating all three, take one cookie from them and let them eat the other two.

4. Dancing like a Broadway star.

If there is one thing you have to know how to do on Broadway it is dance. Something fun for the younger kids is to teach them classic dance routines from shows. You can do basic dances like the Charleston or you can have group routines like the “hand jive” from Grease, “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show or any other favorite. Then, once the kids know three routines, break them into three groups and have each one pick a number. Assign a movie musical routine with one of the dances to it and then have each group of kids perform the routine with the movie. Have all the kids vote on which group did the best and then have them pick 1 winner from each group.

5. Time to show off.

Cabaret acts are some of the most fun things that Broadway stars like to do. You could do anything from dancing or singing to performing a monologue or even just going up and playing a piano. Have the kids prepare for a huge talent show and have a panel of judges to judge it. After each kid performs, have the judges select a winner. Once the winner is chosen, take the winners from each of the contests and have the judges give them each 5 star cookies that were created earlier in the day. This will be the prize that they win.

Broadway birthdays are fun for every one of all ages. Everyone loves to sing and helping kids get over their fear of stage fright and public speaking with help them throughout their life. Broadway is amazing and makes the perfect theme for a fabulous birthday party.

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