A Ghost Story iPad App

I love Halloween and all the images around Halloween like haunted houses, witches on broom sticks, ghosts and pumpkins. I particularly love animated Halloween shows, so this iPad app really caught my eye.

It was created by 27-year old Adrienne Brand, mother of two, artist, children’s book author and iPad app creator.

‘A Ghost Story’ is an interactive storybook app for children of all ages. You can either read it yourself or choose between three different narrators as they tell the story of why ghosts do what they do and where they go when Halloween is over. Best of all, it teaches children not to be scared of ghosts!

This is a perfect, fun app for the kids now that Halloween is nearing and will be gone in a few days. Where do all those ghosts and goblins go when Halloween is over?



To enjoy this app on your iPad with your kids, just click here to download it on iTunes. Cost is $1.99.

To see more of Adrienne’s work, visit her website at Scatterbraindesign.com.

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