A New Website for Pilates Anytime

Before I had my son, I used to go to the local rec center and take Pilates classes after work at least a couple times a week. Now that I’m a mom and work 40 hours a week, I don’t really want to take classes during precious evening family time.

The problem is, I need to work out. For my health, for my muffin top, for my sanity. Pilates is one exercise discipline that I really love. I noticed a difference in my flexibility in just a few classes. I also noticed my stomach was leaner and meaner. I love the way it makes me feel. But I just can’t carve out time during the week to go to classes. If you’re one of those moms that works out at the crack of dawn, I truly admire you. I just can’t get this bod out of bed that early.

Fortunately, balancing motherhood, work AND a workout isn’t completely impossible.  Last week I stumbled upon a website called Pilates Anytime (www.pilatesanytime.com). The website is chock full of Pilates videos, all shot in HD and conducted by professional Pilates instructors. Just set up your laptop, grab your mat and get that work out in – whenever you want (late at night is my preferred time). I haven’t tried a class yet, but I was so excited to find this that I had to share it.

The fee for membership on the site is just $18 per month. That includes unlimited classes. I’ve paid that for 1 class! There is also a 15-day free trial so you can take it for a test run before signing up.

I’ve tried using DVD’s at home, but honestly I get bored with the same routine and just can’t stick with it. The beauty of Pilates Anytime is there are a number of different classes (all levels) and instructors to choose from. It’s not the same ol’ thing each time.  The key is to have a good room where you can set up your laptop, or desktop computer if it’s in a place where you can see it from your mat, and you’ve brought the gym to you.

I’m planning to sign up this month. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hoping to say goodbye to the muffin top one last time.

If you’ve tried www.pilatesanytime.com, please give your feedback in the comments!

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