A Story of Dress – One wedding gown worn by three generations

As we know, for most brides, picking out the wedding dress could be the most discouraging part of wedding preparing, and in order to choose the perfect dress, they have to spend most of their time searching on the online store such as elegantpark.co.uk . There’s a lucky bride-to-be whose dress was never a question to her. Her name is Ali Manson, an British woman comes from a family which three generations there have shared one wedding dress.

Now it’s wedding season, and many anxious brides out there are busy making one big decision-the dress. The wedding dress in uk searching has becoming such a great deal today that there’s even a reality show about that. However, for the women in one family, that decision is possibly an easy one. And for all the women in Ali’s family, there was only one dress spanning more than three generations, which was amazingly true.

The dress was originally made in 1956. Since then, all the women in this family including aunts and nieces have all worn this white dress on their wedding day. Apparently, it’s more than just a wedding gown. It is somehow becoming a spiritual bond symbolizing the endless love of their family.

I bet some of us just couldn’t help wondering if Ali has ever temped to pick another dress. Well, here she answers: “no, I think that, you know, I grew up and was in all of their wedding and I was there for all of them. I want to say, you know, by the time I was 12 years old, I probably believed that this was the only wedding dress that existed, that you got married and this is what you wore and it lived under Momsy’s bed.”

Yes, most of us could only see that as a used wedding dress worn out times and times, but also the values of this family has been passed down, not just with the dress, but also with their genes and each moment when the families stayed together. In a word, it is a family which values the commitment and the hard work that goes into supporting each other and caring about each other. We know it’s not always easy to love your spouse, children and your parents. But we do love them because we know what family’s for in the bottom of our heart.



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