The Fabulous Shopping Mom Blog was launched in mid 2010 as a resource for the savvy shopping mom/woman to find hot products for herself and her family! From clothing (for the trendy-mom & child), baby gear, consumables, home décor, kid & mom approved toys, coupon codes, shopping tips, to product reviews and even party plan tips. Everything any fabulous mom who loves to shop can appreciate, with exciting giveaways from time to time!

About The Fabulous Shopping Mom Herself- Susan O.

My name is Susan (AKA The Fabulous Shopping Mom), and I have recently taken the reins as editor of The Shopping Mom! I am (or try to be) a trendy, fashion-forward, fun loving future mother (7 months pregnant), who loves to shop in her free time. I juggle work outside the home, management of family finances, married life and carrying a baby with a little shred of sanity left.

TheShoppingMom.com was born from the combined love of finding exciting new products, shopping for my family and instilling hope and possibilities in other moms.

With so many options for everything imaginable, it can be a daunting task to do something so simple…shop (or clean the house, organize the kitchen, etc)! With product reviews, tips on how to make your life more organized and your home more beautiful, and giveaways that will make you slightly giddy, I hope to continue to make TheShoppingMom.com a wonderful and valuable experience for each and every one of you!

PS: Feel free to contact me for feedback, suggestions or post/product ideas.