African Mango: Perfect Solution for Weight Loss

How we came to discern that being slim is being healthy may have come from the observation that when you are slim, you do not have the excess fat here and there that everyone tries so hard to avoid. It is then perceived that being overweight is unhealthy because being so builds up unhealthy fats in the body that may cause heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure to name a few. Although some have remained undaunted by these threats, a vast number of obese individuals have admitted to having experienced one or more discomforts at some point in their lives.

The discovery of the medical uses of the Irvingia Garbonensis, commonly called African mango, can be traced a few hundred years ago. The different parts of the African mango plant have been an essential remedy to a number of diseases. It is also said to have lots of fiber, essential fatty acids, minerals and nutrients. These factors are known to help boost metabolism and weight loss.
According to research, the fruit, which is a native plant of Cameroon, West Africa, has leptin, a hormone that tells your brain when you are hungry; and adiponectin, another hormone that helps break down fats and converts it to energy. Thus, instead of fat build up inside your body, we are handed with another option to break fat down. The most potent produce can make your body shed up to a few pounds in the shortest possible time. This means that when you consume the African mango, particularly the seed extract, and your appetite will be suppressed, fat build up will be prevented and your metabolism will increase.
In 2009, there was an experiment participated by 72 male and female adults who are either obese or overweight. They were divided into two groups who took either an African mango or a placebo for 10 weeks. Both groups were confined in the same food diet. After the given time, the weight lost by the group that took the African mango was significant compared to the other group that had nothing to show for. This study proved how much the fruit could contribute to the fight against obesity.
Dr. Mehmet Oz was a regular guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show before he had his own show and is known to be a very reliable source of information and solutions to any health concern. He is the personality that can be attributed with the fame the fruit now enjoys. He spread the news of the African mango’s amazing wonders.
Today, it seems that every company wants to make one of their own product based from African mangoes. You can now choose from a variety of the African mango extracts form—pills, capsules, tablets and liquid. It’s easier to order online because it’s more likely to find them there than in supermarkets.
Experts agree that although proper diet and exercise are still the best way to lose weight, they are not disregarding the idea of adding a supplement that could hasten the process. The African mango seed extract has been proven to have the highest potency against extra pounds. The results, which may vary from one person to another, is without side effects. It is therefore best to seek an expert’s advice for dosages for a more driven and worry-free path to a happier and healthier life. This Informative post will explain you all the positive effect of adding African Mango in to your diet.

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