Baby Halloween Costumes: Forget the Scratch and Keep The Cute

Since yesterday marked the first official day of fall, I can officially talk about one of the biggest fall holidays of them all—Halloween. Everyone gets all dressed up to sport their alter egos all over town, so this time of year is always fun… except for babies. Scratching and crying their way through the night, Halloween can become creepy for a whole different reason. Why do we continue to “torture” our little ones in uncomfortable outfits that they can only stand to wear long enough to take the picture? Well, this year you don’t. These adorable baby gifts from Corner Stork Baby Gifts will change all of that.

Designed as snuggly layette sets, they can easily double as a comfy costume for your newborn. From ever-popular ballerina to the commando camouflage set, there are several styles to choose from.

 camo baby costume
Baby Camo
baby doctor costume
Baby MD
infant costume
Baby Ballerina
infant halloween costume
Baby Chef
Baby All Star Baseball

Little Duffer

Made of 100% cotton, your little characters can play or sleep the day away in one of these three-piece sets. No matter which one you choose, your baby won’t have to be Mr. Grumpy this year.

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