Be Crafty and Eco-friendly with Soy Crayons

What child does not like to color or crafting? Even as an adult I love to sit down with my children and color and create fun crafts. When I look for craft items or crayons I always look for non-toxic products and try up-cycle what I can for craft projects. Today I found Soy Crayon Rocks while looking for non-toxic finger paints.

What a cool spin on crayons and coloring! Soy crayons are made from renewable soybeans
grown in the USA and are colored with natural mineral powders. These boldly colored colored rocks are perfect for families looking for greener products.

At $7.95 ( for 16 crayons they are more expensive than traditional crayons yet yield a less impact on mother earth and our bodies.

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  1. Ang @CheekyBabySling says:

    I’ve heard a lot of conflicting stories about eating soy…never thought about making them into crayons though ! There was a kid in grade 4 that ate his crayons constantly when I was in school…pity he didn’t have access to these soy crayons. I am a home schooler of my own three kids plus two from the neighbor, do you know if they ship to Canada? We do a lot of drawing and coloring with the 4-5 year olds. I found your site by the way from a blog called Top Mommy Blogs. It’s wonderful, I added it to my bookmark list and Evernote too. That’s my Twitter handle next to my name, I’ll follow you now. Thanks, Ang!