Bentley Releases $50,000 Pair Of Sunglasses

Anyone who’s ever come across the Bentley brand will know they don’t do anything cheap; their cars are expensive to say the least, usually featuring the highest quality materials available (not to mention high performance engines and electronics). So it’s probably not a huge surprise that the latest frames to come from the Bentley Eyewear range are among the most expensive sunglasses you’re ever likely to come across.

Built to complement Bentley’s Mulsanne automobile (which retails at $285,000 in the US), the sunglasses feature platinum frames, hand-crafted, tapered and branded ear-pieces and a beautifully enameled Bentley ‘B’ on the temples. The materials used for the frames and accessories are tailored to fit the Mulsanne, with the case for the sunglasses featuring the same high quality cowhide that is used for the seats in the Bentley Mulsanne. In fact, the case is even designed to fit perfectly into the dashboard console of the Mulsanne (making you feel a little like you’re missing something if you have the car and not the shades!). Retailing at $50,000, the sunglasses will, as you can imagine, only be available via custom order, so don’t expect to see them at your local sunglasses outlet.

If $50,000 is a little too expensive for you, then you can opt for the 18-karat gold framed version (pictured below), which is a much more reasonable $16,000. You’ll still need to get them custom ordered though, as you won’t find either version in the shop. In fact, the shades are only currently available for sale in China and Russia, with the United States, United Kingdom and areas of the Middle East scheduled to be expanded into later in the year. So far orders can only be made through the website, although I expect once the shades are available in the UK and the US you’ll be able to order them via phone.


In addition to making sure you stand out from the crowd (not to mention constantly making you worry about where your ultra-expensive sunglasses have got to), the Bentley shades also deliver 100% protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, as well as offering anti-glare protection and high levels of visual clarity.

In addition to the Mulsanne range, Bentley Eyewear – who’s tag line is ‘The Opposite Of Mass Production’ – also have several other custom frames, including slightly cheaper models made of 18 karat red or white gold. If you’re interested in having a look through the range, you can visit the Bentley Eyewear website at

Written by John, who is currently working for Direct Sight – the UK’s leading supplier of prescription glasses and designer sunglasses.
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