Best Baby Monitors to Keep an Eye and Ear on Your Child

Choosing the right baby monitor is one of the most difficult decisions that parents must make. Nothing matters more to parents than the safety of their child, and parents must find not only the best possible monitor, but also the monitor that serves their individual needs the best. The market is flush with competing baby monitors that all claim to be the best, but all baby monitors are not created equal.

Here are the best baby monitors on the market, broken into three categories: Most Innovative Monitor, Best Video Monitor, and Best Audio Monitor. Hopefully, they will make this difficult choice a little bit easier.

Most Innovative Baby Monitor
Best Baby MonitorsThe most innovative (and highest rated overall) baby monitor on the market is the BebeSounds Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor With Sound Monitor. It features an innovative crib sensor pad that offers unparalleled baby monitoring that will give parents unmatched peace of mind when it comes to their baby’s safety. Basically, the sensor pad detects the sleeping baby’s movement in 20-second windows. If the baby lies completely motionless for 20 seconds, the monitor will alert the parent unit with both LED (light) and audio alarms. While nobody wants to imagine their baby going to sleep and not waking up, multiple consumer reviewers claimed that the sensor alerted them to their baby that had stopped breathing, which allowed them to rouse their child before something truly awful happened.

While its sensor pad is obviously its main selling point, the BebeSounds model still offers plenty of other impressive features. It boasts a fantastic 820-foot range, which should be more enough for most situations. It also features a temperature display, which allows you to monitor the conditions in your baby’s room, and a nightlight. Best of all, it is available for an affordable price of only $200.

Best Video Monitor
Best Baby MonitorsThe Levana BABYVIEW20 Video Baby Monitor is the best video monitor on the market thanks to its fantastic video reception, top-notch security, and raft of other attractive features. With video monitors, video quality is obviously paramount, and this model from Levana offers sharp, impressive video quality that has received high marks from consumers. Moreover, it features a fantastic night vision setting that allows you to view your child with surprising clarity while they are sleeping.

Along with its excellent video quality, it also features private digital reception that guarantees that nobody can intercept the connection and watch your baby. Not all video monitors transmit on a private network, which is frankly surprising, as nobody wants strangers viewing their child. It also comes with many other advantages, such as its built-in nightlight and its ability to play three different lullabies. Overall, it is the best video monitor available today.

Best Audio Monitor
Best Baby MonitorsIf you are looking for a basic audio monitor that is reliable and clear, the Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor SCD530 is a great choice. It runs on DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications) Technology that guarantees that you will enjoy excellent sound quality that won’t interfere with your home wireless network or cordless phone. While it is a no-frills monitor, it does offer useful temperature and humidity sensors that allow you to remotely monitor the conditions of your baby’s room. The parent unit features excellent battery life, as its rechargeable battery offers about 24 hours on continuous life. Its sleek, compact design is the icing on the cake, and it features a large display that is easy to read and a snap to set.

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  1. Dan The Baby Monitor Man says:

    Please let me say that I am a father of three beautiful children. As parents our main priority is to make sure that our babies are safe and secure at all times, at whatever expense necessary. Baby monitors are just one way to help parents relieve some of the stress associated with being a concerned parent and as new parents or expecting parents, there is enough stess with just that alone. So, if baby monitors can relieve some of the stress (regardless of how small) it’s certainly worth it. Just my two cents. Thanks, Dan