Summer Colors – What Are The Best Decor Colors For Summer?

summer decor colorsThe colors we choose to surround ourselves with, tell the world a lot about us. They also influence our moods as well as being a continuation of ourselves. The right colors on our bodies, can make us feel the most beautiful, vibrant and alive. This is even more important in the home since you actually see these colors for longer periods of time. Summer is upon us and this gives us the perfect opportunity to liven and lighten the moods in our homes with bright summer colors. Choosing the summer colors, that complement our lifestyles, taste, and budget, may not be easy but very doable.

For summer decorating with color you have to be acutely aware of the lighting in the room. Harsh lighting can make some of the bolder colors of summer rather garish looking. The biggest change you can make is to liven up the walls with a fresh coat of paint in a bold red, ocean blue or soft white shade. Not everyone can afford to repaint and buy new furnishings for every season but with colorful pillows, throws and curtains you can bring the colors of summer into any space in your house.

Green can also make a room feel more summery. A wall painted with a darker green at the base and graduating to lighter hues as your eye travels upward can give one the feeling of being in a summer meadow. Bright yellow flowers and throws add color and life. If you have floral or dark furniture, no need to replace it just make or purchase slipcovers that will fit in with your new color scheme.

Another inexpensive way to bring summer colors indoors is with tapestry. You can find wall hangings that bring the bright yellows and subdued browns of a summer field into a room. Dandelion yellow is a favorite summer color and can be used in any room in the house. Try adding a bed sham in this bright color to accent pastel blue bedding.

Red is one of the colors of summer that it seems most amateur decorators are afraid of. But you needn’t be. A bold splash of red in an otherwise subdued room can be a fashion statement. Choose your reds carefully. Devil Red and Summer Orange can be used to bring a living space to life. Strong contrasting colors are the key to a great summer decorating scheme. Search online for pillows, rugs and throws in bright summer colors and let the decorating begin.

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