Best Electric Cookers 2012

Electric cookers offer many advantages over gas cooking. There are many excellent models from which to choose that perform many cooking chores with ease and reliability. Gas has many inherent inefficiencies that may cause trouble when you are trying to prepare a meal while interruptions are the normal course of events. Gas can very quickly burn a meal or start a fire if your attention is diverted for too long a time. Faulty pipes or equipment may also cause accidents. Gas appliances need periodic inspection for safety purposes. They may also require calibration, since temperature control can be imprecise.

Precision and control

Electric cookers enable you to prepare and maintain food with precise control. A simmering stew is safe if you need to answer your mobile or attend to a child’s injury. Many brands offer multiple cooking functions that eliminate the needs for warmers, rotisseries and other kitchen gadgets. The tops of electric cookers can be used as a hotplate to prepare fresh meals normally requiring a gas stove. They can also function as a food warmer with exacting temperature control to prevent food from burning or drying out before mealtime.

Electric cookers with double oven compartments

The oven compartment is perfect for baking a dessert or roasting meat or both since models are available with two oven compartments. The best models feature multiple timing functions to warn you when food has cooked for the alloted period of time. If you enjoy roasts frequently, you may choose a model with a built-in rotisserie to enhance even roasting while allowing excess fat to drain away from the meat.

Some of the best models for the price include Beko and Indesit, which provide a number of models of single and double electric cookers with various features to suit your cooking needs. The Indesit IS50E Anthracite Single model provides many outstanding benefits that make it a superb choice for preparing healthy home cooking for your family. The rugged anthracite exterior makes clean-up very easy. This is one of the lowest-priced cookers around and also one of the best. It routinely outperforms many models that cost twice as much. You can also choose a model that offers five year breakdown cover.

The Beko BSC643W and the Beko DV563W

The Beko BSC643W Single appliance receives five stars from multiple online review sites and provides many of the important features that make cooking convenient and worry-free. The Beko DV563W Double machine comes in burnished silver to give your kitchen a high-tech appearance with features to match. Amica, Brittania, Samsung and Zanussi also offer models that receive high marks for price, performance and important features that expedite the cooking process.

When cooking control is very accurate, food can be prepared that is very pleasing to the palate. Electric cookers provide worry-free operation, easy clean-up and the precision to bring out the best in your cooking. When you have all the necessary cooking functions readily available, you can better focus on preparing your healthy meals. You may find yourself overcome with the desire to experiment and try new foods when you eliminate the dangers and guesswork of gas cookery.

Many believe electric cookers are one of the best cooking appliances to use in the domestic kitchen following many years of experimentation, testing and cooking experience.

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