Best Garage Gifts for Mom

Few people realize that many Moms take pride in their cars. A variety of gifts exists that allow Moms to customize their own personal garage space.

If you are looking for that unique gift Mom would never expect to get, check out some of these options.

1. A variety of lights for the car loving Mom may easily become her best friend. Most residential garages tend to be on the dim side, so extra lights never go to waste. Get her some extra drop lights that she can hang wherever she prefers. A head spot light is ideal to spot those smudges she missed. Any car lover needs at least one flash light and one snake light to guide into those dark tight areas. Top it off with a flexible tripod light. It has three legs that wrap around most any object and magnetic feet.

2. Mom never has enough organizers. Combine different types of organizers that are designed to store various items. Start with some wall organizers where she can hang a variety of objects. Reels for wrapping cords will keep her space nice and neat. A toolbox and workbench just for her gives Mom her own personal workspace. Larger tools will fit nicely into cabinets and on shelves. She will need some small bins for miscellaneous items such as bolts, washers, hair clasps and lip-gloss. Oh, and get the ultimate response from Mom by color coordinating the organizers.

3. Music is practically an institution in a garage, and Moms is no different. Working on a car just goes better with music. Choose a musical station that fits Moms personality. An old-fashioned jukebox is a throwback to the past. A multiple speaker stereo system will provide the same level of volume throughout her personal space. An iPod docking station is ideal for small garage spaces because they take up very little room. Make sure that mom’s music is always within an arm’s reach.

4. A garage stop is a simple device, but makes garage parking quick and easy. With a stop in place, Mom knows exactly where to park the car every time. It takes out any guesswork and eliminates bumping things inside or hitting the garage. A stop keeps Moms car well protected from dents and scratches. One type is similar to curbing. You stop the car as soon as the front tires bump it. One of the favorites is a Park Smart Mat. The mat with a bump on the front lies in the garage floor. As soon as the tire hits the bump, you stop the car. The durable rubber mat is also oil and gas resistant eliminating unsightly floor stains and makes clean up easier.

Ken Mathers works with Quokka Garage Doors in Perth, a seller of the best garage doors in Australia. He enjoys picking out and buying gifts for his car-loving mother for her garage.

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