Kid Gear; The Best Stroller for Your Needs

Nothing matters more to a parent than their kids, and every parent wants to make sure that their children are riding in strollers that are comfortable, safe, and reliable. Obviously, those are the most important things to look for when choosing a stroller, but there are many other potential features that are important to investigate. With so many options on the market, it’s often difficult for busy adults to find the best stroller for their individual situation

Below are three standout stroller models that are the best in their respective fields.

Best Standard Stroller

bugaboo strollerWhen it comes to your standard style strollers, you can’t do better than the exceptional Bee Stroller from Bugaboo. The comfortable, padded stroller sits on a sturdy 17-pound aluminum frame that is strong enough to keep your child safe without being too bulky which can make it ungainly and hard to control. It also boasts a 4-wheel suspension and sun canopy to guarantee the smoothest possible ride while protecting your child from harmful UV rays.

One of the Bee’s best features is its easily rotatable seat, so your child can face forward or backward without a problem. It is easy to fold, so you won’t have a hard time bringing it in your car or storing it at your home, and you can wash all of its fabric easily and thoroughly in the washing machine. Well-crafted and reliable, you really can’t go wrong with this first-class model from Bugaboo.

Best Jogging Stroller

bob strollersEveryone knows that having kids allows parents less time to do things for themselves. While you may not have as much time to go to the gym as you’d like, you can still stay in shape with a high-quality jogging stroller that allows you to work out without having to leave your children behind. If you are going to run with a stroller, you obviously need to purchase a sturdy, highly maneuverable baby carriage and the BOB Revolution Stroller is the best around.

Its lone front wheel allows for excellent maneuverability, and its top class suspension promises that your child won’t have to endure a bumpy ride. It also features an all-encompassing sun canopy, that will protect your child from sun, wind, rain, and other various debris that could be encountered while jogging. There is a good amount storage room on the stroller, and it features adjustable harness straps to make sure your child stays safe. In a world that values health more than ever, the Revolution will allow parents to stay in shape without having to worry about the safety of their children.

Best Double Stroller

graco double strollersFor those of you lucky enough to be preparing to take care of two little ones, the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Ionic Stroller is the best double stroller on the market. It can comfortably accommodate either one or two children, and as the seats are placed one behind the other, it is easy for one child to get out without disturbing the other one. Like the aforementioned strollers, it is easy to fold and very portable. It has a storage area below the seat that can hold almost 100 pounds, and it even comes with detachable car seats.

It also features cup holders and places for kids to rest their food, which is a great luxury when it comes to taking care of your kids while you are on the move. The only real drawback is its weight, but you will run into that problem with all double-seated strollers. That said, its ergonomic design makes sure that it remains easy to push, even though it is rather heavy to carry. All in all, the Quattro really is the gold standard of double-seated strollers.

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