Bestselling Math Gifts Your Kids Will Love!

Keep your children’s math skills in tip top shape with this choice of 10 bestselling math toys and games from, 5 for preschoolers and 5 for older kids.

Math Toys for Preschoolers

V Tech Counting Time Measuring Tape- If your little one loves playing with measuring tapes then they’ll love this fun role-play Counting Time Measuring Tape from V Tech. They’ll learn numbers, counting, colors and may even help with measuring around the house!

Manhattan Toys Counting and Sorting Farm- All of my children loved playing and sorting toy animals, so this Counting and Sorting Farm is a great way for toddlers to learn about numbers and sorting. Each of the soft pens has a number printed on it and the same number of stuffed farm animals inside: 1 chick (in a nest), 2 sheep, 3 pigs and four cows.

Smart Snacks Counting Cookies- My toddler loves counting chocolate chips and raisins, but I’m not letting him near my cookie jar! Luckily he can use this Counting Cookies toy to learn to count and recognize numbers. It includes 10 cookies numbered 1 to 10 on the bottom and the corresponding number of candy coated chocolate pieces on the top.

Numbers 1-10 Write-a-Mat- Mix math with mealtimes with this educational and entertaining write on, wipe off placemat. Preschoolers can practice forming numbers, counting objects and recognizing the numbers from 1-10.

Tumble Down Counting Pegs- This exquisite classic wooden toy helps young children learn about numbers in a hands-on way! It has interchangeable number plates which fit into the top. The child then places pegs into the holes next to the number while counting aloud, and then pulls the knob and the pegs come tumbling down!.

Math Games for Older Children

Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System- Does your child spend hours on their PSP or Nintendo DS? Swap some of this game time for time on the educational Leapster2 portable gaming system. Your child can play math, spelling and reading games on this Leapster2 and on the original Leapster. It runs on batteries but a Recharging Station is sold separately.

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic Math Missions- This is one of a handful of math games available for the Leapster 2. In this cool game, your child can solve real life math problems in Spectacle City virtual city. They’ll earn money, calculate weights and reinforce arithmetic and geometry in order to save the local stores!

Leap Frog TURBO TWIST MATH- Does your child hate word problems? The Leap Frog Turbo Twist Math will help your child learn and practice arithmetic facts as well as percentages, basic algebra and even word problems. There are also musical beats and quiz show style announcements interspersed between the questions to keep your child motivated.

Learning Resources Math Mat Challenge Game- Math mixed with physical exercise! This Math Challenge mat gets your child to compete against the timer to answer counting and arithmetic questions. All the jumping around will also help to fix those math facts in your child’s memory!

Learning Resources Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game- Many children find the concept of place value tricky. In this imaginative game, dinosaurs move around 1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s tracks after rolling 4 different dice. The game set also includes dinosaur themed math question cards for players of all levels to use their counting, addition and subtraction skills as well as to practice place value.

Caroline Mukisa provides math tips and advice at Maths Insider to help parents guide their children to math success.
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