Bling Your Phone & Accessorize

A cell, smart phone, or mobile phone, is one area where you can display your individuality by ‘blinging’. These personal devices have become so popular, they have also become commonplace, but unfortunately they all look alike. In order to stand out from the crowd, to show you are that little bit different, you can bling your phone to make it a ‘one-off’ and make it look like yours and yours alone.

When blinging your phone it can look more dramatic if you keep to the same color throughout. It can also look more expensive if you use higher priced crystals. Cheap plastic crystals finish up looking cheap and it is amazing how the more costly crystals seem to radiate their value. Also remember, don’t bling your phone in an over elaborate fashion. Stick to stripes or plaid even, but as long as the pattern you choose is basically trouble free, you should do alright.

If you are decorating with crystals, make sure you have enough for the job. Everybody loses small amounts of crystals off their phone over time, so it is a good precaution to have some spare ones lying around for any repair work that may be needed in the future. Plus, make sure you don’t block the use of any buttons so that your blinged phone remains operable in all ways.

How to go about blinging:

  1. For the average sized phone you will need between 600 and 800 foil back crystals in whatever colors you prefer. Around 800 in size SS12 should be enough to cover the front and back of the phone.
  2. Have a paper towel or piece of cloth handy to keep your tweezers from accumulating excess glue.
  3. Give yourself plenty of space where you can lay out all your tools as it might take you a day or more to complete the job. You will also need some tacky type glue and a supply of toothpicks.
  4. Start your blinging by drawing an outline on paper replicating your phone size and what your design will look like.
  5. Clean your phone surface thoroughly to ensure the glue will take to the whole surface, and be careful not to glue over any hinges.
  6. It could help if you mark out your design on your phone so that you have something to go by. Pick up the crystals one by one with the tweezers and place the glue on them with a toothpick. Carefully position each crystal in place until the whole side is finished. Leave it till it dries before starting the other side. If a crystal appears to be a bit wobbly simply take it out and replace it.

If you don’t have the time to bling your own phone you can buy a cover that will give a certain individuality. While all your friends might have a great new phone, only you will have one that portrays your own personality.

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