Boat Shoes: Casual Style For Summer

Last spring we all got to see the invasion of the boat shoe. The style started as a trend in men’s fashion, but morphed into a women’s show must-have. Now even children are getting in on the action! It makes sense, with the versatility of the shoe going with most casual outfits, and being extremely comfortable.

When the trend started, it seemed like a men’s-only fashion accessory with the traditional neutral colors of the boat shoes. Soon, however, different colors and styles came out for men. Then the trend picked up with women wanting the comfortable, laidback look with their everyday outfits. These too came out more and more variations. And who doesn’t want their children to match?! Now you can start seeing kid’s size boat shoes.

Can you blame the boat shoe for its massive popularity? Starting with sailors for comfort and durability, everyone else started to realize this as well, and wanted that for their day long wear. Now that the boat shoe comes in multiple styles, colors, and brands, combined with the feeling of walking on clouds it is a purchase you won’t regret! Knowing how to sail a boat is not required, but looking hot and trendy this summer is.

Boat Shoes Outfit
1. American Eagle – These Bermuda shorts are great, and scream for high seas!
2. Forever 21 – This is a nautical inspired shirt by Forever 21. It’s casual, and comfortable to wear, like your boat shoes. They make the perfect combination!
3. Handbag Heaven – If a sailor would wear a purse it would be this one! There is lots of room along with dark brown detailing. Great for someone on the go that wants to stay fashionable as well.
4. Famous Footwear – These are more of the classic boat shoe style. They go with just about any casual outfit, but really hits a home run in this made for boating ensemble!

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