Boon Edgeless Stay-Put Toddler Bowl

Any home with toddlers knows what it is like to clean up the messes our beloved toddlers make when eating.  Giving an older baby or young toddler a bowl to eat from is asking for food to be spilled or tossed across the kitchen.

Boon, the amazing designer and manufacturer of infant and baby products, has created the DISH ($14.99), an edgeless and stay-put bowl to help make our lives as mom easier! The bowl has no edges and a non-skid base to prevent little ones from pushing the bowl across the table to ultimately fall off.

I need several of these bowls in my home, I’m sure my walls would thank me! Even though the DISH reminds me of a dog water bowl,they are totally worth a shot to help save cleaning time after meals.

The DISH is available at for $14.99.

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