Buying a New Phone: Tips to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck








Buying a New Phone: Tips to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

Buying a new mobile phone can be quite a confusing occasion. First up you have to make up your mind about the kind of service you want along with the specific handset you favour. After you have decided on these matters it is time to look around for a good deal and it is here where it can become quite complex. This is because there is intense competition in the mobile phone market between the various providers. On top of this you will have to make up your mind about the following:

  • The type of user you consider you are.
  • How many calls you will be making.
  • The time of day you will be making these calls.
  • How most of these calls will be received, by landline phone or other mobiles.
  • Whether the calls will be mainly local, national or international.
  • The reason why you need a mobile phone in the first place.

A lot of how you use your mobile phone will also depend on whether you mainly need your phone for emergencies at any time of the day or night, or for social reasons which would mainly be made off peak where you would be more able to control your outgoing calls. Then again, if you need a mobile phone for your business dealings, you will be making the larger proportion of your calls during peak periods. What you need to be careful about will be the risk involved if your phone usage turns out to be quite differently to what you have anticipated. In this case you could face a hefty fee in order to cancel your contract and if you found this to be too much you could be stuck with a contract that is unsuitable for a period of up to two years.

What you must also take into consideration when buying a new mobile phone is how you will be making most of these calls, for example, whether they will be by voice or SMS. A lot of providers give discounts when you make calls within the same network and give cheaper rates for nominated numbers that you call more frequently than others. You can also get contracts that give cheaper rates for long distance calls during off peak periods. Packages are also available that contain cheap and even free SMS messaging. The best way to compare what is available from the different mobile phone providers is to go online and research their websites.

There are also many services carried by mobile phones that you can choose to include in your plan if you see an advantage by doing so such as the following:

  • Voicemail is a very handy service to include. It means you can still receive your messages even when you are not personally available to take them at the time.
  • Call waiting is important. Especially for busy business people. All calls are important and if a call is coming through while you are engaged in taking another, it can be very important to know who it is and be given the opportunity of interrupting your current caller to take the new one.
  • Directory services is a service that can save you much time in finding the number you want to contact. Directories are not always available everywhere you go therefore if your mobile phone contains such a service you can save much time and money.
  • Short message service or SMS is widely used these days. Especially with the younger user. Young people, especially teenagers, are prone to use texting more than they actually speak on their mobile phones. Many providers can arrange a certain amount of free SMS messages in the package you sign up to.
  • Caller ID forewarns you of who it is who is trying to make contact with you. This allows you to decide whether you want to take the call at that specific time or put it off till later.
  • Paging is most important if you attend a lot of meetings. If you happen to be in one place and needed in another the paging service can be invaluable.
  • One of the most popular uses that comes with the smartphone is its ability to access the internet. A lot of things happen online these days especially access to news services and the social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email notifications and the ability to receive faxes.

As can be seen, there is a wide range of services available. You can learn more about what is specifically available from the various mobile phone providers by visiting their websites. While there you will find the plans that are available, their prices and whether you can keep your old number or not. On most occasions you will be able to, especially if you transfer your number to a new provider before you cancel your connection with your current provider. You will also be able to change plans within what the same provider has on offer, but there will most likely be a cost involved if you sign up for a plan and later decide it is not suitable and want to cancel out.

This article is from Will from Mobile Phone Finder.