Buying Gifts for a Man Who Has It All

So your best friend/boyfriend/brother/man next door is the coolest kid on the block. What do you buy them when their birthday or the silly season comes around? It may seem like a mammoth task coming up with something that they don’t already have, and yes, you can buy them a gift voucher or carton of beers – but I’m sure you can do better than that.

You have several options when it comes to buying gifts for men who have it all. The ‘gag gift’ is an easy option – you find something that is utterly ridiculous but it’s funny so that’s all that matters.

However, if your man friend is someone with a little bit more, should we say, ‘class’, then you may want to upgrade to a more mature present. Plus, you always run the risk of them not finding the farting reindeer quite as funny as you did.

Accessories are a great gift idea for men, because even if they already have a wallet, belt and tie you can never have too many!

Let’s assume your savvy friend is up-to-date with the latest technology and already has his hands on the latest ‘it’ toy – the iPad. Why not get him a stylish iPad case to put it in? You can get iPad cases across all price ranges and styles. Perhaps a smart, leather iPad case would suit your corporate- minded man; or a funky, retro design iPad case for the man who refuses to grow old.

Not quite jumped on the iPad bandwagon yet? That’s alright – get him an iPhone case or another one that fits his phone of choice.

While we’re on the topic of accessories, we can’t leave without mentioning wallets. Depending on the person and the occasion a nice men’s wallet makes a great present for the man who has it all. He most likely already has a wallet, but who doesn’t like the refreshing feeling of swapping all of your cards, coins and ten-year-old receipts over into a fresh, sparkling new wallet? Exactly!

Other accessories that are always well-received include business card holders, laptop cases, ties and travel wallets. It’s a good idea to keep the style simple, particularly if they are very picky about their things. A simple, timeless design (such as a brown leather wallet) is always a winner.

If you are romantically involved with the man in question then you may want to get him a present that has a little extra sentimental value. Simple presents that are custom personalised are a good gift idea. However, men aren’t as keen on having: ‘Love you Shnookums’ visible on their jewellery/ watch/etc as their female counterparts may be – so try to use some discretion.

None of these ideas tickle your fancy? Gift voucher/certificate it is!

Jenny Kellett is a Melbourne based writer and fashion lover. Jenny writes for Wallet Shop Online a leading online retailer of designer wallets, iPad cases and other men’s accessories for aimed at men who appreciate unique, quality design and style.
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