Candle Warmers Etc.; No Flame Candle Warmers & Home Scents {review & giveaway}

I absolutely love my home to smell good and have used a variety of candles and candle melts over the years. The last few years I have moved from burning candles to candle warmers and wax melts, due to the flames and the kids. I’m always scared a candle will get knocked over and one of the kids will get burned, or a fire will start.

A few months ago I learned about Candle Warmers Ect., the original innovator and category leader in candle warming products. Their products are designed to bring great scents to the home, via candle warmers, wax melt warmers, scented wax cubes and fragrance oils.

I recently had the opportunity to review some of their products. I received the Fall Leaf Fragrance Warmer, Jack O’Lantern plug-in warmer, several wax scents and a bottle of Jamie Clair Home Fragrance Oil.

{The Warmers}

The fall leaf fragrance warmer is designed to warm scented oils and wax, creating the glow and ambiance of a burning candle while releasing the fragrance.

The warmer is 6.5″ in height and a great size to display on a coffee table or kitchen bar.

The design features an embossed leaf design that wraps the entire base of the warmer with cutouts to show the glowing light from the warming bulb. The removable topper (where the melts or oil goes), has a small handle that can be used to remove the top.

Once the top is removed, you can view the bulb inside the base. The bulb is a NP5 Candle Warmers Etc replacement bulb. I have only seen this style bulb on the Candle Warmers Etc. website.

When the warmer is plugged in and turned on, you’ll begin to smell the fragrance cubes about 5-7 minutes later. If you’re using the fragrance oils, you can being to smell them within a minute or so. It’s bright enough to work as a night light as well.

The Jack O’Lantern plug-in warmer is a decorative Plug-In fragrance warmer that’s designed to warm scented oils and wax. The plug-in is perfect for small areas, like a bathroom or kitchen counter, when there is no space for a large warmer.

The plug-in warmer has three parts. The plug- in, bulb and removable ceramic warmer. The plug-in unit has an on/off button for easy use.

The warmer can hold 2-3 wax cubes at a time. When it’s time for a scent change, you can pour the melted wax out and wipe the warmer  or let the wax harden and use a knife or other object to pop the wax out. Putting in the freezer for about 15 minutes will help remove dried wax.

I’ve been using the Jack O’Lantern plug-in warmer in my foyer so everyone will see it as they enter my home. It’s sized small enough not to get in the way and the glowing pumpkin catches everyone’s attention as they enter my house.

When the plug-in is on, it takes about 10-15 minutes for it to be warm enough to start releasing fragrance.

{The Scented Products}

I received Cherry Blossom, Hot Maple Toddy, Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Mint and Pumpkin Spice Jamie Clair Wax Melts to try. Each is packed in a reusable package. You simply open the top and pop out a cube.

The more wax cubes you use, the stronger the scent will be. In the plug-in warmer I use 2 cubes and in the large warmer 4 -5.

Each of the scents smelled very good, with Hot Maple Toddy being my favorite. It reminded me of fall time and cider as it warmed.

The scent is light, yet strong enough to fill one room. The scents lasted about 24 hours or so before needing to be changed. I was hoping the scent would last a bit longer than it actually did.

The Jamie Clair Home Fragrance Oil was my favorite of the scented products. Each bottle of Jamie Clair Home Fragrance Oil contains 1 oz. of scented oil. I selected the Vanilla Creme Brulee scent and it is amazingly strong! I put a few drops in the larger fall leaf warmer in my back bedroom and within about 5 minutes you could smell it across my entire 2400 sq. ft. home!

The vanilla creme brulee scent smells like a warm vanilla pudding with hints of butter and caramel. It is amazing!

I did notice the oil burns the scent faster than the cubes did, but the scent was much stronger. My entire bottle was gone in 4 days after using it all day, everyday.

The oils are $9.99 a bottle and well worth it if you like a strong scent.

{Final Thoughts}

I really like the products from Candle Warmers Ect. Their products are perfect for homes with children and pets.

  • Their larger warmers are available in several designs including seasonal designs.
  • The wax cubes smell good, but could use more fragrance oils so the scent lasts longer.
  • The wax cubes are available in 30 different scents. My favorite scent of all time is plain cherry, so I’d love to see a plain cherry scent offered.
  • Their Jamie Clair Home Fragrance Oil in Vanilla Creme Brulee scent is AMAZING!
  • Fragrance Oils are available in 8 scents. I’d like to see more scents offered.
  • I’d love to see larger bottles of the fragrance oils.

Candle Warmers Etc. products are sold across a diverse retailer base, including many top U.S. retailers, such as: Dillard’s; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Boscov’s; Hallmark Stores; Hobby Lobby; JCPenney; Kmart; Sears; Shopko; and; through Specialty Retailers; and via catalog or online at

Sound like something you’d like to try? You’re in luck! Candle Warmers Ect. has offered a great prize for one lucky reader!

{The Giveaway}

One reader is going to win a Fall Leaves Illumination Fragrance Warmer and a set of Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Cinnamon wax melts!


Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.
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