Candy Cane Stripes Create Lively Holiday Rooms

Candy Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath

There just seems to be something about colorful red and white candy cane stripes that really adds a festive touch to holiday decorations. Although simple in design, candy cane stripes can add an eye- catching look to your home decor that will really perk up the holiday season. If you want to add a touch of cheerful red and white stripes to one or more rooms in your home, here are some decorating ideas to help get you started.

Sweet Candy Cane Decor

Although there are plenty of ways to decorate with red and white stripes, using actual candy canes is a particular easy approach. These festive holiday sweets are pretty, colorful and inexpensive, making them quite popular as a decorating material. Decorate a grape vine or evergreen wreath with candy canes and festive red and white bows. Or, use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree – their shape is perfect for hooking over tree branches. You can also add a bit of whimsy by making reindeer ornaments out of candy canes. Take a black or brown pipe cleaner, bend it in half, and twist around the top of the hook, forming two separate antler shapes. Then, glue a small red pom-pom on the tip of the hook for a noise, and add two plastic “google eyes” to transform a simple candy cane into a cute reindeer ornament.

Beautiful Tables with Red and White Stripes

Candy cane stripes are also right at home on your holiday table. Start by covering the table with a red tablecloth. Lay a white table runner lengthwise down the table to create the striped effect. Accessorize with red and white striped napkins for a festive look. Fill a shallow vase with candy canes to make a centerpiece that will complete the look. Or, spiral narrow red ribbon around a white vase filled with red and white carnations or roses. You can even add a candy cane look to white carnations by first placing them in a vase containing water and red food coloring overnight. Red stripes will begin to form on the white flower petals as the flowers soak up the colored water.

Fun Decorations Using Red and White Ribbon

Adding fun candy stripes to your holiday room decor can be easy when you utilize red and white ribbon. Simply wrap floor or table lamp posts, stairway railing spindles, or even the trunks of indoor potted plants and trees with wide white ribbon. Then, spiral narrow red ribbon over the white ribbon to create an attractive candy cane look. Red and white ribbon can also be wrapped around a Styrofoam or straw wreath form to create an attractive striped wreath. Once wrapped in colorful stripes, accessorize the wreath with actual candy canes to give it the perfect finishing touch.

Quick Decorating Tips

If you’d like to quickly add a dash of candy cane stripes to a room, here are a few quick and easy tips. Paint a plain wooden picture frame white. When dry, add diagonal red stripes using red paint. Or, wrap framed wall art such as paintings and prints in red and white striped paper as though they were gifts. Add ribbon and a bow and re-hang on the wall as interesting holiday wall art.

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