Gifts to Celebrate Baby’s First Easter!

By: Karen Sullen,

Yes, that’s right…baby’s first Easter! Move over St. Nick. Peter Cottontail is on his way! So much attention is often paid to baby’s first Christmas that sometimes people forget that those other holidays can be just as special. We all remember our first Easter egg hunt or getting all gussied up in our new Easter outfit. Ah, the memories! Well, it’s not too soon to get those cherished memories going for your little bunny. Whether he or she is just turning one or you just plucked him out of the “pumpkin patch,” here are some fun baby gifts to celebrate and commemorate this special occasion.

Cookies for Bunny!
If you sat out cookies and snacks for Santa, why not do the same for the Easter Bunny? Isn’t he deserving of a few chocolate carrots or cookies and milk? When you do, this personalized baby gift plate is the perfect way to present the treats. Ready for spring, the colorful plate features a friendly bunny face on a blue center, green flower accents and “Nibbles for the Easter Bunny” across the top of the white rim. Personalized for the newborn or the whole crew, it will be a cute keepsake after Easter that can be displayed in the kitchen or in baby’s room.

Newborns In The Garden
I have to admit, if your baby is a newborn, he or she probably won’t remember much about the holiday. But, that doesn’t mean baby can’t still celebrate! Include baby in the blessing of the season with this adorable gift set that celebrates spring. A wonderfully whimsical bunny-eared cap, cute carrot rattle and plush blanket are sure to be the basics for some really cute baby pictures. Even the box is in on the fun with the bunny-shaped cutout that lets the plush blanket peek through.

Rejoice and Remember
Taking those first footsteps of faith, Easter is a wonderful time to introduce elements of faith to your child. Celebrating the true reason for the season, something as simple as this little lamb plush toy can open the door of your child’s heart to God. Recognizing that the “Lamb of God” was slain for the remission of sin is the reason Christians all around the world celebrate this meaningful holiday.

The Newness of Spring
Blooming flowers, eggs and little chicks that were just hatched–these are all symbols of the season that remind us of the newness of spring. Just like your newborn, things are growing, changing and blossoming all around. So your baby is bound to appreciate this little chick wagon. Filled with a complete layette set, it can be used to hold toys or add a fresh, country charm to baby’s room.

With these spring baby gift ideas, you’ll be sure that his or her first Easter will be a special celebration. Easter will be here before you know it. So, hop on over!

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