Cherry Picking In The Grocery Store To Slash Your Weekly Shop

Having gone through a couple of years when things have been pretty rough, on the financial side, some saw the light at the end of the tunnel coming through this year. Unfortunately, for those who have had their belts tightened a notch or two, it’s now looking like that light was in fact an oncoming train. With the price of oil rocketing, and food price inflation rearing its ugly head, we might be seeing our food budgets being stretched yet again, over this coming twelve months.

That means being a skilled grocery-shopper is even more important now, than it was before. But the skill these days lies with finding ways to get the most for your bucks, so that you don’t become a victim of creeping food price rises. One of the more interesting ways of making that work, is to become very selective about how you shop – to cherry-pick. This approach really could help make your food shopping a price-busting experience.

The basic idea is never to buy foods and household goods at the full retail price. Always look for the discount, marked-down or special offer products. By only ever shopping for things you can save on, you are immediately slashing your weekly shopping bill. This will require you to put a bit of extra effort and time into your shopping, but neither of those will cost you – and you’ll be saving big money.

There are four ways you can get you goods at a discount. The first is coupons; then there are the special in-store promotions; and then volume discounts. Finally there are the mark-downs made to clear unwanted produce. You need to take advantage of all four, to ensure you are getting all your shopping at a saving – and so making your budget hit the mark.

Most of us make use of coupons occasionally, when we see 10% knocked off on a coupon for something that we’d normally buy. But with the cherry-picking approach, we’re trying to make use of all of the coupons in our coupon book. Even better, we’re trying to maximize their effect, by making sure we get hold of coupons from as many sources as possible. Local newspaper are a good source- and if it makes sense, its sensible to buy multiple copies, in order to get more coupons.

The store itself may hand out coupons, and you can get them from signing up to loyalty card schemes, as well. You can also get them from direct via mail-shots. But these days, an excellent source of the discount coupon is the internet. Here you will find an abundance of coupons to print off, both from brand-name and money-saving websites.

Always take a folder of coupons with you, and plan your shop around the coupons you have. But also pay very close attention to the in-store discounts available. Helpfully, these are nicely flagged up by the store, and so easy to spot. Remember, only buy the product if it has a percent knocked off, or a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on it. If you can match up a coupon discount to it as well, all the better.

Then there are the clearance items. Here it helps to find out when different perishable products are marked down. This will vary from store to store, and type of product, but you’ll soon notice a pattern. Then it’s just a matter of timing your shop to coincide with just after the mark-down – for instant bargains, with very little mark down in quality. And always make a bee-line for the reduced-item shelf. This is usually has perfectly good food items that have been knocked about, or are damaged slightly, or are past their sell-by dates. You will pay a lot less, but you won’t notice the difference once you’ve removed the packaging.

If you put all these approaches together, and don’t mind store-hopping, so that you can suck up all the best deals, you really will be shocked – at just how much your weekly bill has been slashed. Perhaps life can be a bowl of cherries, even on a budget, if you’re suitably picky.

Author Bio: Wozniacki is the co-author of an ebook titled Ripped Cut Buff, which offers tips & workout routines on how to get ripped naturally.
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