10 Things to Include In Children’s Party Bags

Arranging a children’s birthday party can be quite stressful as there is so much to think about and organize, but it is also the perfect opportunity to treat your little one to a day of fun. Play pass the parcel, dance to music, eat cake and when the day is about to end, send the kids home with a party bag.

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Ok, it may seem like an old-school tradition, but children love going home with a selection of goodies, so here are 10 of the coolest things to include.

1. LEGO®
LEGO has been enjoyed by kids for years and never goes out of fashion making it the perfect party gift. Why not give your little guests a couple of LEGO bricks to play with or even some super cool LEGO figures. Brightly colored and available in a whole range of shapes and sizes, LEGO merchandise is the ultimate party bag filler.

2. Yo-yo
An old school favorite, the yo-yo is a toy that will never age or go out of fashion and can provide great entertainment for your little ones.

3. Bouncy ball
Another timeless classic: Bouncy balls come in all shapes and sizes and are relatively cheap. Just remember to make sure they’re not too small so they are safe for kids to play with!

4. Birthday cake
No birthday party is complete without a good old fashioned birthday cake. Kids love the sugary goodness of a sponge cake covered in color icing. After you’ve sung to the birthday boy or girl, why not slice up the cake, wrap it in kitchen paper and put it in the kid’s party bags. Yummy!

5. Bubbles
Blowing bubbles is so much fun – for the kids and the parents! A tube of bubbles is a cheap and fun addition to a party bag and can be used time and time again. Once the liquid has run out just add a small amount of washing up liquid to the bottle, fill it up with water and you’re ready to make even more bubbles! Hurrah!

6. Coloring in set
After the mayhem of the birthday party, a coloring in set may come as welcome relief to parents. Sit them down for half hour to settle down in front of some coloring in paper and pencils. They will love to show you their finished ‘masterpiece’ which you can proudly display on your fridge.

7. Stickers
If you have a theme to your party, why not carry it on with the party bags. From Pepper Pig to Ben 10, a TV show is always a winning concept. Add stickers of their favorite character into the bags so they can decorate their books or make a sticker picture out of them.

8. Balloons
A party wouldn’t be a party without some balloons! Splash out and treat the kids to a helium balloon or stick a few deflated balloons in their party bags so they can blow them up themselves. Make sure they are brightly colored and they will no doubt be a popular gift!

9. Bags of sweets
Penny sweets are a staple for any birthday party and can be a really cheap addition to a party bag. Fill up a sandwich bag with a handful of penny sweets from your local news agents. Fried eggs, false teeth, mice and cola bottle sweets are still as popular as ever!

10. Face paints
The final idea for our top 10 party bags ideas is face paints. Kids love to mess around painting their faces and individual sets are available to buy. Why not have a go at painting your child’s face and transform them into a tiger, a princess or their favorite TV character.

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