A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Curtains

When it comes to picking out curtains there are so many options out there; the style, color and also fabric you can choose for them. There are curtains out there to fit in to any idea you have for a room and many more besides, so when it comes to choosing them, often there’s far too much choice. So here’s a basic guide to the types of material you may come across in your search for the perfect pair of curtains.

For a touch of luxury and elegance there is the timeless brocade fabric. Brocade curtains are made of an elegant, heavy fabric, usually made of silk, with a floral pattern woven with gold or silver thread. These curtains are exceptionally ornate and have jacquard-woven fabrics with patterns which are emphasized by contrasting surfaces and colors.

Cotton is one of the most natural, soft and organic fibers out there and it’s not surprising that the vast majority of curtains are made out of this wonderful material. With its origins dating back to around 3000 BC its versatility and adaptability mean that this fabric can take on numerous appearances. In its natural state cotton ranges from a light to dark cream but can also take on a brown or green color depending upon the variety.

Damask is a fabric that is taking the curtain world by storm, this firm and glossy Jacquard pattern originated in China and was brought across to the western world back in 13th century. This fabric is perfect for curtains as it is reversible and is characterized by a combination of satin and sateen weaves. Damask curtains are comparable to brocade curtains, but are often flatter in appearance.

If you are looking for a durable cloth for your curtains, look no further than Matelassé. This is a soft cloth or compound fabric. Matelassé can give a number of shapes and textures depending upon the type of cloth construction used; this can include blistered, puckered, quilted or even wadded effects. Matelassé is typically made on Jacquard looms.

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