Christmas Crafts for You and the Kids

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What better time than Christmas to gather around with your family to make some holiday crafts. Bundled up inside, listening to carols, and drinking hot chocolate is the perfect backdrop for friends and family to get creative. Christmas crafts are the perfect way to show your holiday cheer and to bring your family closer together. Here are a few Christmas craft ideas for you and your children to enjoy this year.

Making Christmas cards can be a fun way of letting your family show off their creativity. All you would need is some paper stock, glue, and any extra accessories that would really make your card stand out. Gather wrapping paper scraps, pieces of fabric, buttons, or beads to give a variety to the cards. Your children will really enjoy making their own unique cards for family members. On Christmas day, moms, dads, brothers, and sisters will enjoy getting their own personal card that has sentimental meaning.

Another fun craft this year would be to make angels. All you will to make these snow-white angels is coffee filters, cotton balls, a chenille stem, scissors and some glue. You can enhance your angel with any ribbon of your choice. Place the cotton balls at the center of the coffee filter and then gather the filters around the balls to create the angel’s head. Use your ribbon to tie around the “neck” of the angel into a bow. Make a halo for your angels using the chenille stem then use the glue to adhere it to the back of your angel. You and your kids may want to embellish the angels using glitter glue, or drawing on the coffee filters. The angels will look beautiful either hanging on your tree, or floating down your staircase.

Reusing a potato chip canister or juice containers for a Christmas craft can turn into a great activity for you and the family. Any extra fabric around the house, cotton balls, and wiggly eyes can turn your canister into a cheerful Santa Claus. All you would need to do is first cover the entire can with felt, or fabric of your choice with spray glue. Trim any overlapping pieces to give a finished look. Cut out clothing like pants, or a vest from the fabric to adhere to the felt wrapped around the can. Use the cotton balls to make a beard and hair on the can. Glue on wiggly eyes for the final touch. This craft will look adorable on any table, or mantle and last for holidays to come.

Decorating the tree is often the most exciting part of Christmas. This year, try enhancing some plain glass ornaments by painting them with acrylic craft paint or filling them with leaves and dried flower petals. You and your children can decorate these ornaments with pictures of Santa Claus, or with a snowman. Glitter glue, or any sequins, buttons, or beads can also be used to enhance your ornament. Don’t forget to let your ornament sufficiently dry before placing it on the tree. Make it a family tradition to decorate ornaments every year. Your kids will look forward to this activity as the holidays approach.

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