Classic and Trendy Diamond Jewelry for Fall 2012


Diamonds, being girls’ best friend, is an all time favorite no matter what season. Whether clear and colorless such as most natural diamonds, or with small amount of impurities to lend a touch of color, jewelries that showcase diamonds are always considered classy and elegant. There are plenty of reasons why diamonds are also often featured in pop culture especially in songs or movies: everyone wants to have a set or two.

This special and highly-valued mineral might be popular in all seasons, however, trends in every season dictate what are sought for in a diamond jewelry. Differences in cuts, presentation and combination can make or break your diamond piece so it is very important to make sure that what you are wearing follows the latest trends, while managing to look classy.

Luckily, I have researched about the latest trends in diamond jewelry so you can get a tip or two on what to get or how to wear your favorite diamond piece.

Sky’s the limit!

Jewelry designers have plucked heavenly bodies to show off diamonds in classic but trendy setups. Moon and stars alone or in combination, can help you feel out of this world in the best way possible. Luxurious jewelry houses like Chanel and Van Cleef & Arpels gave their tributes to the celestial bodies through their recently released collections. Coco Chanel’s jewelry presentation includes the Céleste brooch, where an extraordinary pearl is surrounded by its gorgeous, brilliant-cut diamonds as moons. Van Cleef & Arpels launched La Bonne Étoile to showcase precious talismans set into astrological signs or shooting stars. You will really feel like the skies are within your reach.

Elegant Flora and Fauna

Brooches with colorless and colored diamonds can be turned into a majestic jungle beast such as panthers and tigers or plants known for its elegant designs can be part of your options for updated diamond classics. Cartier recently showed his adoration for big cats with a breathtaking panther pin covered in diamonds, emeralds and onyx while Myles Mindham’s Japanese maple leaf brooch screams royalty.

Get Classic Historic

Bring a sense of history into your diamond pieces! Louis Vitton has managed to put the historic streets of Paris into an unbreakable set of elegance. Named the Escale à Paris, it includes a choker and bracelet that mapped out the streets of Paris in white and yellow diamonds. Additionally, get the antique style treatment with your diamonds through textured metals that complement your diamond’s clarity. Diamonds are already timeless, but coupling it with a classic heritage just takes it to the next level.

With these different trends for showcasing your diamonds, you can be both classic and trendy. Being able to enhance with different gems or metals to complement your diamond sets should update your classic look to feel right at home with current trends. While these tips are proven to the current Fall trends, do not be afraid to inject more of your own style through managing your outfit to best showcase that diamond set you’ve been dying to show off!

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