Consignment Shopping For a Budget Wardrobe

Shopping at the mall or a major department store can make your wallet cringe the moment you enter the store. It is hard to find a decent deal even when you hit the sales racks. You stand there, looking through the clothes and think to yourself, “Is this actually a sale price?” This no longer has to be the case if you do consignment shopping.

Consignment shopping involves going to stores that sell second hand and gently used clothes and other fashion items. The items are priced at an extremely affordable level that anyone can pay. You can often find name brand clothing for a fraction of the price that you would at a department store. Your wallet can now take a sigh of relief and when you are done shopping you will even have money left over.

Revolving Stock and Name Brands

These stores are hidden gems of savings, especially in rough times when the economy is
constantly going up and down. For example, parents who have to clothe children for back to school can now deck out the whole family within their budget. Consignment shops have name brands that even teenagers will like at cheap prices. Their stock changes often as new clothing comes in, so individuals and families should check back often to see what is in stock. The best rule is to check in on a weekly basis to see what has come in.

Seasonal Clothing for Growing Children

One of the best deals you can find is coats for fall and winter. These can be expensive, especially when children grow out of them each year. These shops get in a good selection each year in sizes for women, men and children. You can even find at times an almost brand new coat that will give you years of wear without making a hole in your bank account.


You can find a lot more than just clothes, especially if you are into accessories. Get ready to dig through backpacks, purses, belts, shoes, hats, socks and more. They often get in high dollar items like leather and suede jackets. There is nothing like buying a $200 jacket for less than $40, giving you a double shot of style and savings.


Another great source of deals are designer jeans, which are one of the most common types of pants you will find in these stores. You can find brands like Express, Old Navy, Gap and more at rock bottom prices that the mall can’t even come close to. They may have been worn only a few times, but now can be worn by you for a long time to come. This is important when buying kids’ jeans, which can be pricey as they grow. You can now replace their jeans easily without breaking your budget. When you take in the savings and the availability of quality name brand clothing you won’t be able to find an excuse not to do consignment shopping. Your wallet and your bank account will thank you while you go around in affordable style.

Emma Martin is an avid garage sales fan, regularly scouring her city for unique finds and great deals. Weirdest thing she ever bought at a yard sale: a dinner plate with George W. Bush’s picture covering it. She is a content contributor for Yard Sale Search.
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